07 Mar

Oregon’s Solar Feed-In Tariff: WINNING

Clean Energy Collective

We don’t hear a lot of solar news from Oregon, but we have been hearing …

30 Jun

House of Representatives Passes Hemp Amendment


Here’s a surprise – the House of Representatives, which has barely passed any legislation this …

28 Jun

Empire State Building Retrofit: Here Come the Copycats


Energy efficiency upgrades to NYC’s Empire State Building have been so successful they are seen as a …

07 Jun

The World’s 10 Greenest Ski Resorts


Aspen Skiing Company The ASC or Aspen Skiing company is the leader in making environment …

22 Dec

Oregon’s 10-Year Clean Energy Plan


Noting that energy is the issue of our time, Oregon’s Governor John Kitzhaber released a …

30 Sep

With DOE Loan Guarantee, SoloPower Opens Oregon Plant


  SoloPower is preparing to receive dispersement of a $197 million U.S. DOE Loan Guarantee. …

18 Jun

Oregon Releases 10 Year Energy Plan


Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber released a 10-year Energy Plan, and unlike that of the House in …

13 Apr

Portland, Oregon: Getting Energy Efficiency Right


Portland, Oregon’s Climate Action Plan is working – greenhouse gas emissions are now 6% below …

11 Apr

Solar Group Buying Gains Momentum in Oregon


Solarize Eugene kicked off March 19 and will offer bulk discounts to Eugene, Ore., residents …

01 Apr

Portland IKEA Installs Solar Energy System on Roof


IKEA has installed an array of rooftop solar panels on its Portland store that measures …

22 Mar

The Oregon Electric Highway Opens


The most visionary solution to high gas prices is to ditch gasoline-powered cars and make the leap …

17 Mar

Fact or Fiction: Are U.S Prisoners Manufacturing Solar Panels?

No More Naked Roofs

For the past few months stories about escalating solar trade tensions between the US and …