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New York Announces “Smart Cities Technology Innovation Center”

New York Announces “Smart Cities Technology Innovation Center”

In an interesting switch, a 113-year-old building in Albany, New York is being transformed into a “Smart Cities” hub. What once served as the city’s center for train transportation will soon house companies that are developing technologies for cities in the future. Smart city technologies include technologies that make cities safer, more efficient and resilient: smart devices and sensors, software that monitors and improves traffic flow and protects vital infrastructure (bridges,


Apple to Build 2nd iCloud NC Solar Data Center

Apple has reportedly purchased another 200 acres in North Carolina so that it can build another solar farm to help power its massive iCloud data centre. According to AppleInsider.com, details of the $3 million land deal were released recently. Apple will buy nearly 220 total acres in North Carolina’s Catawba County. There are reports that


The “No More Solyndras Act” Passes The House

As I expected the “No More Solyndras Act” was just passed in the House: Republicans on Friday pushed a bill through the House shining a campaign-season light on the most conspicuous failure of President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package. The bill would phase out federal loan guarantees like those that went to the now-bankrupt solar power


India’s Power Grid Failure: What Happened?

This is the first part of a two part piece by Raj Prabhu of Mercom Capital addressing the recent blackouts in India. This first part examines technical, regulatory and political dimensions of the problem, and the second part will deal with proposed solutions. The massive grid failure in India last week affected over 600 million

Officials Dedicate Exelon City Solar Project in Chicago

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley joined Exelon Chairman and CEO John Rowe and others on Chicago’s South Side to dedicate Exelon City Solar. Theproject is the nation’s largest urban solar power plant, according toExelon. The $60 million project’s 32,292 solar photovoltaicpanels produce over 14,000 MWh of electricity per year. ExelonGeneration owns and operates the 10

Officials Dedicate CalRENEW

CalRENEW-1, a large California solar power installation, was todaydedicated in the city of Mendota, in Fresno County. As the firstutility-scale solar energy project to connect to California IndependentSystem Operator’s (CAISO) transmission grid, the project is the first of its kind. Many more like it are expected to follow. During the dedication ceremony, California’s Public UtilitiesCommissioner

State Elected Officials Recognize Applied Materials

During last month’s California League of Conservation Voters’ 28thannual Environmental Leadership Awards, Applied Materials was honoredfor “Building a Greener California” through the company’s history ofmaking energy efficiency the core of their work and transforming livesthrough bold technological advances such as innovative solar technology. In recognition of this honor, the company received the belowproclamations from various

U.S. Officials More Upbeat On Climate Progress Before Copenhagen

The U.S. Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, and a leading senator predicted that Congress will make good progress on climate legislation— and may even pass a bill — before a meeting in Copenhagen in Decemberto forge an international treaty to slow global warming. The remarks byChu and Sen. Barbara Boxer of California were markedly more optimisticthan