01 Apr

Multilayered Waveguide Array: Solar’s Big Opportunity?

The Daily Fusion

A new study by researchers at the University at Buffalo explores the use of a …

06 Jan

BMW ConnectedDrive is Here


In recent months, the phenomenon of automated driving has come more and more into focus, …

10 Oct

Take A Virtual Tour of Suntech’s Global HQ

Suntech Connect

Suntech is dedicated to expanding solar energy worldwide, and what better place to start than …

11 Jun

The Future of the Green Office


We’re living in a new world; a world full of increased social-pressures, responsibility and, above …

03 May

Energy Monitoring For Small Businesses

Southern Energy Management

There’s no getting around one of energy efficiency’s biggest PR problems: it’s just not as …

02 May

Saving Energy in the Office


Every small office needs to ensure that the energy costs are minimized. A small business …

27 Jan

5 Ways to Green your Office


We live in increasingly energy conscious times. As a result businesses come under pressure to …

03 Nov

Trina Solar Opens Singapore HQ $TSL

QUESTPOINT Solar Solutions

Trina Solar, a leading integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) products announced today the establishment …

06 Sep

Making the Office Greener

Cooler Planet

Most people feel more responsible for their activities at home than they do for the …

26 Aug

Innovalight Opens Office In China

Solar Industry

Innovalight Inc., a manufacturer of silicon ink and solar cell process technology, saysit has opened …

23 Aug

Los Angeles Office Towers to Adopt Solar

The Metro Park Towers commercial office facility in Los Angeles,California is being converted to a cleaner energy source …

08 Jul

NREL Builds Zero-Energy Office Building

Energy Boom

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) new, 222,000-square-foot Research Support Facility (RSF) onthe NREL campus …