22 Mar

The Green Button

Greentech Media

Can Green Button, the emerging energy data standard for U.S. households, find a home in …

20 Mar

Obama to Support Attack on Chinese Solar

Green Chip Stocks

American solar manufacturers have asked President Obama to impose massive taxes on China’s solar panels …

10 Mar

‘EV-Everywhere’ Launched by President Obama


As a long-term answer to rising gas prices, President Obama launched EV-Everywhere, a challenge to …

08 Mar

Obama: Permanent Renewable Energy Tax Breaks Must Happen


One important element in President Obama’s corporate tax reform plan is that he would make the renewable …

08 Mar

Why The Green Economy Works Right Now

The Green Market Oracle

The green economy offers a powerful solution to both a warming planet and economic volatility. …

29 Feb

Renewable Energy Production Up 27% Under Obama


Since President Obama entered office three years ago, renewable energy production in the US has …

19 Feb

What President Obama Has Done for The Environment and Education

The Green Market Oracle

President Obama has done a great deal for the environment since his inauguration in 2009. …

16 Feb

The Problem With Obama’s New Electric Vehicle Incentive Plan

Green Chip Stocks

Progress haters in the media, like Rush Limbaugh and Neil Cavuto love to bash those …

14 Feb

Clean Energy in Obama’s 2013 Budget


President Obama released his 2013 budget today, saying: “We must transform our economy from one …

27 Jan

2013 Solar Decathlon Heads to California

QUESTPOINT Solar Solutions

Now just after President Obama’s State of the Union Address The United States Department of …

26 Jan

Clean Energy Gets State of the Union Shoutout

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

President Obama announced several new actions he is taking to support clean energy during his …

25 Jan

President Obama’s ‘All-of-the-Above’ Energy Strategy

Yale Environment 360

President Obama called for a comprehensive energy policy that would boost production of offshore oil …