04 Sep

In Focus: Obama’s Energy Efficiency Executive Order

The Green Market Oracle

On August 30th, 2012, President Obama signed an executive order focused on efficiency in industrial …

03 Sep

Obama Discusses Climate Change with College Students


The Democratic National Convention officially kicks off tomorrow in Charlotte, North Carolina. The event will …

01 Sep

Al Gore: Praying Obama Stays in the White House

The Green Market Oracle

In a sit-down interview with TakePart, former Vice President Al Gore says he “would fear …

31 Aug

Mitt Romney Loves Fossil Fuels

The Green Market Oracle

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s “new” energy plan, relies on 19th century fossil fuel technology. …

28 Aug

GE Drops ALEC Membership


Six more major companies are cancelling their American Legislative Council membership (ALEC), bringing the new …

24 Aug

Mitt Romney Announces Energy Policy


Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney is on the campaign trail with an environmental agenda in …

15 Aug

Election 2012: Obama (Wind) vs. Romney (Coal)

The Green Market Oracle

The election of 2012 offers the stark contrast between fossil fuels like coal and clean …

12 Aug

“The Secret to Solar Power” from the NYT Times Magazine

Scaling Green

If you haven’t read the Sunday New York Times Magazine piece, “The Secret to Solar …

10 Aug

Clean Energy Revolution Highlighted in Time Magzine

Scaling Green

Over the past few days, there’s been a lot of talk by leading political figures …

08 Aug

We Need Future Energy Now!

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

“Leopards and elephants often wander in…”says the manager of a tea plantation in India, left …

03 Aug

Wind Tax Credits: Obama vs. Romney


Debate over the looming expiration of the US wind production tax credit gusted through Washington, …

21 Jul

SolarStrong: Alive and Kicking


Last year, SolarCity partnered with U.S. Renewables Group Renewable Finance and Bank of America Merrill …