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Solyndra: Solar’s Poster Child For Failure

Solyndra: Solar’s Poster Child For Failure

If solar industry had a poster child for failure, Solyndra is to solar as Jared Fogle is to Subway. Yes, solar had its share of flops, failures, and fiascos. Wall Street bashes the solar manufacturers for its low margins, huge debts, and of course, its constant political war different countries around the world. On top


My Open Letter on Energy to Mr. Obama

After Wednesday night’s debate, I know I became one of literally millions wishing to give U.S. President Barack Obama advice, and, for that reason, I certainly do not believe that what I’m about to write has any particular importance. Having said that, here’s a brief “open letter.”   Mr. President: A great number of us


Renewable Energy and the First 2012 Presidential Debate

President Obama reiterated his desire to end tax breaks for big oil and reaffirmed his support for new sources of energy like solar, wind and biofuels. The President also stated that his administration has helped to create 5 million new private sector jobs. To increase these numbers the President wants to invest in education and


In Focus: The Climate Voters Project

  A new project, called Climate Voters, could be operated within the League of Conservation Voters, or could be part of a collaborative effort in which many environmental organizations participate. This is the project’s slogan: We care about climate change and we vote. Climate change is happening now. We need public policy to address this


Solyndra: An Image is Worth A Thousand Words

I previously dubbed the manufactured political outrage about the Department of Energy’s clean energy loan guarantee program the “Solyndra Standard.”While legislators and candidates hammer away at supposed “taxpayer giveaways,” they completely ignore the billions of dollars in defense boondoggles, fossil fuel subsidies, and agricultural subsidies — all of which dwarf investments like those to Solyndra.


Election 2012 and Clean Energy

President Obama and Governor Romney have already put forth energy plans committed to increasing North American energy independence through an all-of-the-above approach, but many of the similarities end there. Obama and Romney have set distinct priorities regarding renewable energy sources (Greentech Media has extensively covered Romney’s energy platform). With the election approaching quickly, the question


Electric Cars vs. Fuel Cell Cars

While some car manufacturers are placing their bets on electric cars, Toyota has decided to continue its focus on hybrids, and will introduce 21 updated or full model change hybrids in the next three years. It expects to sell a million hybrids each year through 2015. This year, the Prius family became the third top sellling cars in


Romney’s Concern For Solar Power Project Developers

In the last week or so there has been a lot of media attention with regards to that secret video of Mitt Romney and the now infamous comments he made to some campaign donors about the 47%. However, what got my attention was another thing he said on that video which should give solar power project


“Stop the War on Coal Act” Passed

The House Republicans recently passed H.R. 3409, the “Stop the War on Coal Act” that supposedly counters the Obama Administration’s hostility to coal jobs. Although it won’t pass the Democratically-controlled Senate, it’s part of their election year messaging, along with Solyndra. Obama has promised to veto the bill if it does get to his desk. The bill would “protect coal


The “No More Solyndras Act” Passes The House

As I expected the “No More Solyndras Act” was just passed in the House: Republicans on Friday pushed a bill through the House shining a campaign-season light on the most conspicuous failure of President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package. The bill would phase out federal loan guarantees like those that went to the now-bankrupt solar power


The “Seven-Point Action Plan for Repowering America”

We wanted to draw your attention to a new report, by Clean Edge founder Ron Pernick, laying out a “Seven-Point Action Plan for Repowering America that is bipartisan, grounded, and most importantly, we believe, achievable.” Here’s a table with the main action items Clean Edge recommends: These are excellent ideas that should be pursued aggressively.


The Democratic Party Platform at the DNC

The Democratic platform promotes the development of clean energy jobs, the conservation of public lands, clean air and water. However to appeal to the American public the Democrats are advocating an an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy, which includes oil, “clean” coal and natural gas. While we may rue support for fossil fuels and the conspicuous absence


Obama Discusses Climate Change with College Students

The Democratic National Convention officially kicks off tomorrow in Charlotte, North Carolina. The event will be three days of political theatre, as the party officially announces Barack Obama as the Democratic Presidential nominee. But while the state of the economy has very much overshadowed the campaign rhetoric, many American voters are anxious to hear what