29 Nov

Obama To Protect US Airlines From EU Emissions Trading Scheme Taxes

2050 Magazine

One of Barack Obama’s first climate-related actions since winning his second term of office has …

27 Nov

In Focus: President Obama’s “All-of-the-Above” Energy Strategy


A friend of mine who had made some energy-related suggestions to President Obama just received …

19 Nov

Obama to Work with Congress on Climate Change


President Obama has announced that he intends to work with Congress in his second term …

15 Nov

Alternative Energy Stocks: Down Despite Obama Victory

Roen Financial Report

If you follow the energy sector closely, then you know that many questions regarding the …

09 Nov

The Next 4 Years of Obama Energy Policy: What to Expect

AtisSun Solar Insider News

Now that President Obama’s second term is confirmed, energy experts believe that the industry can …

07 Nov

Climate Change and Energy Consumption: Major Themes of Obama’s Second Term

3000 Quads

Congratulations, Mr. President. Now let’s get to work. Because you mentioned climate change one time …

07 Nov

Obama 2.0: Delivering Clean Energy Promises?


Whether or not you voted for President Obama, the clean energy-loving part of you must …

07 Nov

Obama Win is Good for Clean Energy; Matzah Balls Still Loom

The Energy Fix

Just because President Obama won four more years, doesn’t mean the next four will be …

06 Nov

The Difference Between Obama’s and Romney’s Energy Advisers

The Green Market Oracle

As reviewed in an article by Elisa Wood , there is a profound difference between …

29 Oct

In Focus: President Obama’s Environmental Efforts

The Green Market Oracle

On Tuesday September 4, 2012, Democrats opened their national convention by defending President Obama’s record and asking Americans …

20 Oct

Wanxiang: A123 Buyout?

Greentech Media

A123 may have declared in its bankruptcy filing this week that it has chosen U.S.–based …

16 Oct

Energy Questions People Want Answered by Obama and Romney


Tonight’s presidential debate, which takes place in Hempstead, Long Island, is a town hall, where …