02 Nov

A Look At Nuclear Fusion Power


In an article dated July 30, 2010, we reported that a team of Purdue Universityscientists …

27 Jul

Study: Solar is Cheaper than Nuclear

The Phoenix Sun

The Holy Grail of the solar industry — reaching grid parity — may no longer …

21 Apr

Alf Bjorseth Gets into Nuclear, Nanotubes and Wind

Greentech Media

Thorium might be the answer, according to AlfBjorseth. Nuclear startup Thor Energy will conduct a …

23 Feb

Could Nuclear Become the Energy of Choice for Arizona?

Dr. Duru

During his State of the Union address,President Obama sent a cheer amongst Congressional Republicans when …

14 Jul

Clean energy, the heart of global energy policies going forward

Energy Examiner

Governments around the world are adopting cleaner energy policies.  U.S. is in a position to …

10 Jul

Solar Tax Grant Forms Available Here

Solar Advice for Free

Those contemplating solar power for home or business and want to take the 30% tax …

09 Jul

Solar Energy is Israel’s Best Energy Bet

Green Prophet

Israel is one of the leading countries involved in a number ofalternative and renewable energy …

09 Jul

The Energy Bill: Get It Right or Dump It

Solar Advice for Free

Commentary: Is clean energy a pipe dream? TheWaxman-Markey Bill, an energy bill intended to sharply …

22 Jun

The Renewable Energy Hoax

Oakleigh Vermont

Renewable energy is one of those terms we hear a lot thesedays, with the green …

08 May

Green Hops: New Renewable Energy Targets, More Carbon Tax Chatter, Singapore-Nanjing Eco-city Announced

The Green Leap Forward

China’s energy intensity was down 2.9% in the first quarter of this year,reports the National …