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The Renewable Energy Hoax

The Renewable Energy Hoax

Renewable energy is one of those terms we hear a lot thesedays, with the green revolution peering out from behind peak oil,unstoppable climate change and a global economic May Day. And recentlythe solargroupies at Oakleigh read with great astonishment a blog postabout renewable energy that nonchalantly included nuclear power.Calling nuclear power renewable is another example

Green Hops: New Renewable Energy Targets, More Carbon Tax Chatter, Singapore-Nanjing Eco-city Announced

China’s energy intensity was down 2.9% in the first quarter of this year,reports the National Bureau of Statistics.  The decrease is based on a6.1% growth in GDP measured against a 3.04% increase in energyconsumption.  So remember this–despite and increased movement towards“decoupling”, energy consumption still rises as long as GDP rises.  Power consumption in the first