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Green Technology Duties Eased in Asia-Pacific Regions

Green Technology Duties Eased in Asia-Pacific Regions

Despite ongoing solar industry trade disputes involving China, a group of 22 Asia-Pacific nations has agreed to reduce import duties for green technologies that grow their economies without hurting the environment starting in 2015, reports The New York Times. The agreement by the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum sets import duties of 5% or


In 2010, Developing Nations to Lead in Wind

If you think sustainable business is a trend confined to industrialized countries, or that wind and solar power is too expensive to take off in the developing world, it’s time to think again. The sustainableinvestor network Ceres reported this week that for the first time ever, the developing world is on-track toinstall more wind energy


Nations’s Largest PV Plant Now in Nevada

The largest photovoltaic (PV) power plant in the United States was completed last week, as Arizona-based First Solar finished building the Copper Mountain Solar Facility in Boulder City, Nevada, 40 miles east of Las Vegas. The plant was constructed on behalf of Sempra Generation — a SanDiego, California power provider to wholesale electricity markets —


Developed Nations Failing To Keep Copenhagen Funding Promise

Developed nations are failing to keep thepromise they made last year to provide adequate finance to help theworld’s poorest countries adapt to the impacts of climate change,according to research published last week. The paper–published by the International Institute for Environment andDevelopment (IIED)–includes a five-point plan to enable developednations to fulfil their pledges and build the


Project C.U.R.E: Distributing Solar Lights to Impoverished Nations

When children in impoverished nations open up their Project C.U.R.E.Kits for Kids, they usually get first-aid kits filled with basic medical supplies and maybe some candy. Now, thanks to the Buy One, Give Oneprogram at Nokero, makers of the world’s only solar-powered light bulb,they’ll also be getting solar light bulbs. Project C.U.R.E. is a nonprofit


COPYCAT ALERT: Maldives President Installs Solar Panels on Nation’s ‘White House’

While solar enthusiasts were still celebrating President Obama’sdecision  to install solar panels on the White House roof,  9,000 milesaway, Mohamed Nasheed was on the roof of his residence in Male, thecapital of the Maldive islands, installing the last panels in his new11.5 kW solar array. Of course, people throughout the world install solar PV every


Clean Energy Ministerial: 24 Nations Endorse 11 New Worldwide Initiatives

The first-ever Clean Energy Ministerial brought together ministers and stakeholders from 24 nations inWashington, D.C., last week to collaborate on policies and programs that accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy technologies.Participants included executives from top global companies – including Charlie Gay of Applied Materials. Charlie, who is president of Applied’s solar business, was a

Lebanon and United Nations to Develop Solar Energy Projects

Lebanon’s Energy Ministry plans to work with the UN’s regional development project, UNDP to use solar energy for both heating and energy in various parts of the country, reports the UPI. The UN agency currently has at least 25 development projects ongoingin Lebanon, with at least two of them involving solar energy. We’ve already reported


Global Cooperation

Thefinancial and climate change crises are spurring unprecedented levelsof global cooperation. In less than one week leaders of the G20 will bemeeting in Pittsburgh. At next weeks meeting, G20 financeministers are expected to report on climate financing issues. The G8has already set ambitious targets for climate protection and pledgedbillions of dollars in aid for developing

The G20 and the Developing World Disagree on Proposed Climate Change Protocols

Laterthis month the G20 will be meeting in Pittsburgh and although the G20largely supports an agreement to manage climate change, developingnations are concerned that these efforts will undermine their economicgrowth. Although Europe is struggling, we are seeing signs thatthe world’s economies are emerging from recession. Finance ministersand key central bank officials meeting in London over

India Wants Their Ambitious Solar Plan as Long as Others Foot the Bill

The Indian government wants developed nations to provide seriousfinancial and technological support for its plan, which ultimatelycalls for India to have an installed solar capacity of 200 GW by 2040. In order to see the scope of India’s solar plan, one just has to lookat an analysis from the International Energy Agency, which statesglobal solar capacity