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India to Announce National Solar Energy Plan

With climate change negotiationsset to begin in Copenhagen on December 7th, some nations are beginningto articulate commitments to renewable energy deployment in lieu ofadopting binding carbon emission reductions. Rapidly developingeconomies, in particular, are opposed to emission reductions as theyfear such caps will slow and limit economic prosperity. And so it goeswith India, which is expected


National Semi Buys Energy Recommerce

National Semiconductor has bought Energy Recommerceto add power monitoring and management software to its solar portfolio,Ralf Muenster, director of renewable energy business at National Semi,told Greentech Media Thursday. Santa Clara, Calif.-based National Semi closed the acquisition onlyhours earlier, said Muenster, who declined to disclose the purchaseprice. The deal makes sense for the long-time chipmaker with

National Solar Tour Starts October 3, 2009

Starting October 3, 2009 the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) will be starting the 14th Annual National Solar Tour, the world’s largest grassroots solar event. This year, ASES expects over 150,000 people to participate in thisyear’s event.  The National Solar Tour gives individuals who areinterested in solar energy an opportunity to view solar energysolutions and

The National Solar Mission, a SEMI India perspective

INDIA: Policy and government support for solar PV in India continues tostrengthen driven by the country’s push to meet its vast power needsand still growing deficit as well as the need to move to clean andrenewable sources of electricity. Recent months have seen activity onkey policy fronts. Momentum on India’s National Solar Missionhas been growing,

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A national solar policy is likely to be announced in November thisyear, union minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah saidhere today. Abdullah said that national policy to be announced on November 14 will promise vast incentives to the users of solar energy. The union minister who held a meeting with Chief Minister Prem

Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)

Youmay be hearing about a national Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) inthe news lately. It’s usually mentioned with Carbon Cap and TradeLegislation going through Congress right now. What is an RPS, and whyshould you care? Good questions. Here are the answers: What is a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)? AnRPS is not new. Many countries and individual

National Semiconductor Going Green

The 50-year old company saysit can boost the performance of solar modules with chips. After that,it’s on to smart grid, says CEO Brian Halla. The chip industry and the solar industry are about the same age, according to Brian Halla, CEO of National Semiconductor. But much of the difference ends there. The chip industry hasmushroomed

Akeena Solar (AKNS) Completes 660kw Solar Installation For Cali National Guard

The Cali Air National Guard in Fresno will now be basking in thewarm glow of solar electricity .. 600kw to be exact.  Akeena Solar(AKNS) just finished installing 3819 panels across three new carportswhich will provide enough power to supply one third of the total powerat the base, resulting in $100k in annual cost savings. “As