20 Sep

Green Technology Duties Eased in Asia-Pacific Regions


Despite ongoing solar industry trade disputes involving China, a group of 22 Asia-Pacific nations has …

13 Dec

In 2010, Developing Nations to Lead in Wind


If you think sustainable business is a trend confined to industrialized countries, or that wind …

06 Dec

Nations’s Largest PV Plant Now in Nevada

The largest photovoltaic (PV) power plant in the United States was completed last week, as …

24 Nov

Developed Nations Failing To Keep Copenhagen Funding Promise


Developed nations are failing to keep thepromise they made last year to provide adequate finance …

24 Nov

Project C.U.R.E: Distributing Solar Lights to Impoverished Nations


When children in impoverished nations open up their Project C.U.R.E.Kits for Kids, they usually get …

07 Oct

COPYCAT ALERT: Maldives President Installs Solar Panels on Nation’s ‘White House’

The Phoenix Sun

While solar enthusiasts were still celebrating President Obama’sdecision  to install solar panels on the White …

27 Jul

Clean Energy Ministerial: 24 Nations Endorse 11 New Worldwide Initiatives

Cleantech, Applied

The first-ever Clean Energy Ministerial brought together ministers and stakeholders from 24 nations inWashington, D.C., …

17 Dec

Lebanon and United Nations to Develop Solar Energy Projects

Green Prophet

Lebanon’s Energy Ministry plans to work with the UN’s regional development project, UNDP to use …

16 Sep

Global Cooperation

The Green Market Oracle

Thefinancial and climate change crises are spurring unprecedented levelsof global cooperation. In less than one …

06 Sep

The G20 and the Developing World Disagree on Proposed Climate Change Protocols

The Green Market Oracle

Laterthis month the G20 will be meeting in Pittsburgh and although the G20largely supports an …

06 Aug

India Wants Their Ambitious Solar Plan as Long as Others Foot the Bill

Energy Boom

The Indian government wants developed nations to provide seriousfinancial and technological support for its plan, …

23 Jul

India surges forward in solar jobs!

Boots On The Roof

As of the 20th of July, the Indian government will begin developing 60 of its …