Feb 16-19: Dow, NASDAQ Up 3%; Solar By a Hair

Dow gains all four days The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained over 303 point for the week to end at 10402.35, a 3%. NASDAQ was close behind with a 60-point jump to 2243.87, a rise of 2.7%. Solar issues in the 20 Solar Stocks Index (20SSI) eked out a minute .07 to finish up at […] Read more

Deutsche Bank and NASDAQ OMX Introduce Clean Tech Index

DB Climate Change Advisors (DBCCA), the climate change investment and research business of Deutsche Bank’s Asset Management business, and The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:NDAQ) recently introduced the DB NASDAQ OMX Clean Tech Index (DBCC). The index is an accurate, real-time representation of the globalclean technology sector, including clean energy, energy efficiency,transport, waste management and […] Read more

Feb 8-12: Dow, NASDAQ, Solar Inch Up

Friday started 160-points up and slipped, however Despitea sizeable drop Friday, the Dow still gained nearly 87 points to finishat 10099.14, a .86% gain for the week. The NASDAQ followed suit with a42-point gain to end at 2183.53, nearly a 2% gain. The 20 Solar StocksIndex posted a miniscule gain of .23 to end at […] Read more

This Week in the Markets: Dow, NASDAQ Down Again; Solar Up a Sliver

Market still in funk… TheDow Jones Industrial Averages and the NASDAQ continued their slide thisweek but not nearly as bad as last week’s bloodbath. Solar stocks inthe 20SSI fared a little better inching the index up nearly threepoints. February could bring better news on results of Ford’s $2.7billion profit for 2009. Or it could drop […] Read more

Jan 18-22: Dow, NASDAQ, Solar Meltdown

Some say correction long overdue TheDow Jones Industrial Averages suffered its worst week since lastFebruary dropping 437 points for the week to end at 10172.98, a drop of4.3%. The NASDAQ took a little less of a hit losing nearly 83 points tofinish at 2205.29, a 3.75% slip. The 20 Solar Stocks Index (20SSI) washit by […] Read more

Jan 11-15: Dow, NASDAQ, Solar Flip Over

Financial sector leads the downturn Afteran impressive beginning on Wall Street, 2010 took a header this week,today being the worst day of trading so far. MarketWatch reports J.P.Morgan Chase lead the financial sector with weaker revenues thanexpected and a poor outlook. The Dow finished the week at 10609.65, offnearly nine points for last Friday, a […] Read more

Year’s End: Dow, NASDAQ, Solar Drop

Still, a remarkable comeback for stocks Itappears the high optimism of last week that Wall Street would end 2009bullish, the bears entered their dens. The Dow was off 92 points fromlast week, a .88% drop. NASDAQ lost nearly 17, a .73% slip. The 20Solar Stocks Index dropped 2.24 points, about a half percent since lastFriday. […] Read more

DayStar receives NASDAQ deficiency notice relating to Audit Committee

DayStar Technologies Inc., a developer of solar photovoltaic productsbased on CIGS thin-film deposition technology announced that onDecember 30, 2009, it received a NASDAQ Staff Deficiency Letter fromThe NASDAQ Stock Market indicating that the company temporarily did notcomply with the audit committee requirement for continued listing onNASDAQ as set forth in Marketplace Rule 5605(c)(2). The NASDAQLetter […] Read more

Dec 21-24: Dow, NASDAQ, Solar All Strong

Market looks to end bullish WallStreet keeps looking up even though many maintain the worst of theeconomic downturn is still ahead. The Dow gained over 191 points sinceFriday’s close, nearly a 2% gain. NASDAQ gained 74 and the 20 SolarStock Index (20SSI) added over 11 points, 3.3% and 2.6% respectively. MarketWatchsays the bulls are out […] Read more

Dec 7-11: Solar Outpaces Dow, NASDAQ Again

20SSI up over 10% since Nov 27 Forthe second week straight the 20 Solar Stocks Index (20SSI) has outgained both the Dow Industrial Averages and the NASDAQ indexes. The20SSI was up 10.45 points to finish at 424.44 while the Dow gainednearly 86 points finishing at 10471.5 and NASDAQ dropped 4 points toend today at 2190.31. […] Read more

Nov 30-Dec 4: Solar Tops Dow, NASDAQ

Decent jobs report bolsters week… Whilethe Dow struggled to a small gain this week, the NASDAQ was up 2.6% andthe 20 Solar Stocks Index gained over 30 points to finish at 413.99,nearly an 8% gain since last Friday. Abetter-than-expected jobs report from the federal government pushed theDow up over 180 points earlier today before slipping […] Read more

Nov 16-20: Solar Tops Dow, NASDAQ

Third straight positive week for solarThe20 Solar Stock Index (20SSI) gained just over 6 points for the week butit was enough for a 1.58% rise since last Friday. The Dow hopped about48 points for about a .5% gain; the NASDAQ actually lost 22 points,slightly over a 1% drop. MarketWatch reports most U.S.stocks ended the week […] Read more

Nov 2-6: Dow, NASDAQ Up Over 3%; Solar Almost 2%

Solar holding its own… MarketWatchreported today says a surge in GE stocks helped the DJIA go above10,000 again after a two-week losing period. Week’s end closing showedthe Dow up 3.2% and NASDAQ up 3.3% while solar stocks in the 20SSIgained about 1.9% since last Friday. As expected,declines for the Dow were lead by financials and […] Read more