27 Nov

How 3D Printing Will Advance Spaced Based Solar

Greentech Media

Space based solar power has been a futuristic fantasy since the 1970s but the advent …

06 Oct

Space-Based Solar Power: Japan is a Believer


A couple common criticisms of solar power here on our beautiful planet are that it …

01 Oct

Reproducing Nuclear Reactor Damage in the Lab

The Daily Fusion

A new $5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy will enable University of …

03 Sep

Why Elon Musk is a ROCKSTAR


The man is a rockstar. A solar superhero. Websters Dictionary defines an entrepreneur as a …

18 Jun

Solar + Cloud Computing: Google’s Project Loon


We call it the cloud and cloud computing—the use of servers distributed across the world …

07 Jun

NASA’s Sustainability Base: Open for Business


NASA’s “Sustainability Base” is open for business, setting the bar for green federal buildings by exceeding …

01 May

Out of this World: International Space Station Solar


Chris Hadfield, commander of the International Space Station (ISS), is noted for sharing some spectacular pictures …

08 Apr

WTF? NASA Claims Nuclear Power Saves Lives


Have the dangers of nuclear power been overhyped? If former NASA scientist and climate activist …

05 Apr

NASA’s 13,000 Foot Solar Sail


NASA is preparing to test a massive solar sail called the Sunjammer in space. The …

20 Feb

Solar Power Stars in Newest NASA Video

The Phoenix Sun

Today’s solar video gives a pretty awesome visual reminder of  the immense energy produced by …

08 Aug

We Need Future Energy Now!

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

“Leopards and elephants often wander in…”says the manager of a tea plantation in India, left …

06 Jul

NASA’s Airborne Wind Power System


Benjamin Franklin uncovered ground-breaking facts about the nature of electricity and lightening by flying a …