27 Feb

Lightweight Lithium Batteries through Nanotechnology

The Daily Fusion

Zhaolin Liu from the A*STAR Institute of Materials Research and Engineering in Singapore, in collaboration …

19 Jun

Improving Solar Cells with Quantum-Dot Microscopy

The Daily Fusion

Researchers working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a new …

29 May

FUTUREWATCH: Self Assembling PV Cells


Newly published research from Rice University and Penn State show that some polymer-based organic PV …

27 Mar

Nanowires: Making Quantum Dot Solar Cells Better

The Daily Fusion

While potentially much more efficient, than conventional photovoltaic systems, quantum dot solar cells are still …

28 Apr

FUTUREWATCH: Self Assembling Plastic Nanofibers


A research team under the collective leadership of Nicolas Giuseppone and Bernard Doudin, successful created …

08 Sep

Nanowires= More Efficient/Less Expensive Solar?


Nano remains one of the most scintillating words in the whole of photovoltaics research. The …

27 Apr

Fabric Made from Germanium Nanowires that Harness Solar


A tissue paper-like fabric created from germanium and silicon couldprove to be as strong as …

28 Oct

More on Generating Power With Silicon Nanowires

Greentech Media

Silicon nanowires and nanotubes – tendrils of pure silicon thatstand up like small trees on …