JA Solar Signs Multi-Year Supply Agreements $JASO

JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. (ADR) (NASDAQ: JASO) today announced that it entered multiple supply agreements with several customers to supply more than 500 MW of mono-crystalline andmulti-crystalline solar cells for 2011 delivery. As per the agreement, JA Solar willsupply solar cells to these customers starting in January 2011 throughDecember 2011. The company will receive […] Read more

Universal Solar Expects Multi-million Dollar Order

Universal Solar Technology Inc., a developer of solar grade ingot,wafers and high efficiency solar photovoltaic modules, announced that it has been in discussions with a European company for a multi-milliondollar order for up to 20MW of monocrystaline solar modules to bedelivered by the end of 2010 and expects to announce a contract duringthis week. Wensheng […] Read more

Solar ddok – The solar powered multi-socket power outlet

Solar multi-socket outlets aren’t very common today. That’s probablywhy the ‘Solar ddok’ won the Red Dot award for concept design. Theportable product is sleek unlike the ones you use today to plug in yourlaptop and mobile phones today. The device has a circular shape thatprovides maximum surface area and that too with a slim and […] Read more

Eco Shell Multi-Use Building System By Michael Jantzen

Michael Jantzen’slatest creation is a multi-use building that explores and promotes theuse of existing agricultural building components in order to provide analternative, energy-efficient and sustainable way in which to enclosespace. Dubbed the Eco Shell Multi-Use Building System, the building isbased on the use of recycled steel and renewable energy. Thestrong steel arches are simply bolted […] Read more

SET-Solar announces multi-year collaboration with Broadstreet Energy

SET-Solar Corp., a US provider of high-quality, mono-crystallinephotovoltaic solar modules, announced its collaboration withBroadstreet Energy Corp., a Southern California-based solar panelinstallation company. The multi-year partnership wasestablished to capitalize on SET-Solar’s new finance offerings and willenable Broadstreet to purchase a steady source of solar panels quickly,without the capital constraints typically facing solar panelinstallers. The first order […] Read more

A Multi-purpose Solar Genius for Emergencies

Designedby Renata Veiga, Track Talk is a concept solar powered device, to beused in emergency situations or camping activities, trekking, etc wherecommunication, sense of direction and a source of light are crucial. Thedevice is multi-functional and comes with a user-friendly interface. Ituses UHF frequency for communication (the same used in “Talk Abouts”),a digital compass and […] Read more

Amtech announces follow-on multi-system solar order

EU PVSEC 2009, TEMPE, USA: Amtech Systems Inc., a global supplier ofproduction and automation systems and related supplies for themanufacture of solar cells, semiconductors, and silicon wafers,announced that its solar subsidiary, Tempress Systems Inc., hasreceived a follow-on multi-system order for its diffusion processingequipment from an existing customer in Asia. The order for multiple systems is […] Read more