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Colexon Introduces New Mounting System

Colexon EnergyAG has developed the Colexon System C+Z, a mounting systemdesigned for solar power plants on flat roofs made of lightweightmaterials. The system is TUV-certified and specially designed forthin-film modules from First Solar. The inclination angle of thesystem – between 0 degrees and 30 degrees  – is determined prior toconstruction, depending on the installation. The

Schletter Adds FlexConsole To WindSafe PV Mounting System

SchletterInc. will begin using a new KlickTop support beam calledFlexConsole as a standard component on its WindSafe ballastedroof-mounting system. The WindSafe is the ballasted or minimallyattached commercial flat roof racking system that includes a rear winddeflector to minimize wind uplift and down pressure loads. TheKlickTop component utilized with the FlexConsole is a top-down assemblysolution that

Canadian Solar’s NewEdge Roof-Mounting Solar Panels For Sale In The U.S. $CSIQ

Canadian Solar just announced that they have released their NewEdgesolar panels in the U.S. market. The panels are compatible with the newZep roof-mounting System, and used together the products have thepotential to reduce installation costs by half and reduce the amount oftime spent to install the panels on a roof by 75%. The NewEdge solar

Hilti Introduces New Solar Photovoltaic Mounting System

Hilti Inc., a Canada-based manufacturer and supplier of specializedtools and fastening systems, has introduced the MSP-AL Solar ParkMounting System for ground-mounted, fixed photovoltaic installations. Thecompany says the lightweight system, which consists of only sixcorrosive-resistant aluminum components, can accommodate most solarpanel types in any array and all common footing and foundation types,such as ramming profiles, concrete


Sollega mounting rack made from recycled materials

Sollega Inchas announced its new InstaRack™, the solar industry’s first fullyassembled, one-piece mounting rack made from recycled materials. Thepatent-pending no-assembly design reduces installation labor costs forflat commercial rooftops by up to half when compared with traditionalsystems. The InstaRack™ is compatible with most solar panels on themarket today, allowing installers to continue working with themanufacturers of

ThinkSolar, S-5! Develop New Mounting Clamp For Standing-Seam Roofs

ThinkSolar, a national wholesale product distributor and project integrator, has partnered with S-5!to design a new clamp for standing-seam metal rooftops. With the newThinkSolar S-5! product, installers can rail-mount (via an L-foot) orattach mid/end clamps directly, ThinkSolar notes. If the seamson a standing-seam metal rooftop are an optimal distance apart,installers can attach S-5 mid-clamps without

Nanosolar Working With SunLink On Solar Mounting System

SunLink Corp. has formed a strategic supply agreement with thin-film photovoltaic manufacturer Nanosolar Inc., whereby SunLink will develop and supply a custom, flat-roof mounting system. "Thispartnership is a testament to the growing interest in commercialthin-film applications across the industry," says Christopher Tilley,CEO of SunLink. "We’re excited to team with a forward-thinking leaderin technology development such

Rail-free solar panel mounting

Traditionally, solar panels are a tedious process to install becausethe process of installing solar panels on a residential rooftopinvolves the rails to be cut, spliced together and the metal frame ofthe solar panels and rails themselves have to be grounded according tocode. Currently the process is quite primitive and can be timeconsuming even though the

Applied Materials Designs Mounting System for Supersized Panels

Applied Materials isn’t in the business of designing mounting systems to support solar panels. But the Santa Clara, Calif.-based factory equipment maker hasengineered a rack that it hopes will help its customers find a wideracceptance for the supersized solar panels that can be made from itsSunFab equipment line. Applied plans to erect a prototype of