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Creating Energy from Everyday Motions

Creating Energy from Everyday Motions

Using alternative energy is the only way we can go about ensuring our survival in the years to come. Since almost all forms of alternative energy are renewable, there’s no chance of sources depleting anytime soon. But, proponents of green energy will know that harnessing power from sources like the wind, sun and tidal waves

Electric Bike from Motion Dynamics Group Charged by Solar

Motion Dynamics Group has unveiled its latest electric bike – the Neltron Solar E-Bike, which features a pedal-assisted electric drive for flat road applications.The manufacturers claim that the solar e-bike is capable of hitting atop speed of 20mph with a range of about 25 miles. Costing $2495, the zero-emission vehicle ships with two 60W solarpanels


Ready, Set, Climate Bill in Motion

Today,Senators Boxer (Environment and Public Works committee chair) and Kerry(Foreign Relations committee chair) introduced a draft climate billaimed at reducing U.S. CO2 emissions 83% by 2050 – with an ambitious20% goal by 2020. This is a worthy goal, but it will not be an easy oneto reach.  The bill is a step toward creating a