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Solar Bird Created at University of Maryland

Solar Bird Created at University of Maryland

Solar power has already been used to power planes like Solar Impulse or NASA’s solar-powered airfoils, cars like those that recently coursed across Australia, ships like MS Tûranor’s PlanetSolar, but now it’s taking to flight in an entirely new way, as the power for the University of Maryland’s Robo Raven III, a PV-powered robotic bird.


Only in China: The Umet Wooden Electric Car

One of the world’s first all-wooden cars has made its debut at the China Eurasia Expo. Dubbed the Umut, this 4 metre long, 7-seater car is composed completely of wood, made entirely by hand, and is powered by an electric motor. With an expected top speed is 60km/h, it can last about 2.5 hours or


Public Solar Monitoring: Gaining Popularity

Consumer-oriented businesses with solar installations are finding that displaying the performance of the systems publicly is the key to building customer loyalty and revenue growth, according to SunReports, a company that specializes in monitoring systems for solar PV and hot water systems. “The benefits of solar monitoring are not always obvious, but it’s an extremely


The Next Big Thing in Solar: Solar Energy Monitoring Systems

If micro-inverters are the current craze in the solar industry, then solar energy monitoring systems will be the next big thing.  Micro-inverters (and other parallel technology) were given lots ofattention because they can increase the efficiency of a system by up toas much as 10%-20%. Similarly, solar electricity systems that are hooked up to monitoring systems have


Performance Testing, Monitoring Shape PV Optimization

The performance of PV systems will be driven not only by the quality of manufacturing processes and equipment, but also by the reliability of testing procedures and increased attention to performance monitoring, panelists stressed at the SolarTech Performance Symposium, held last month at the Intersolar North America Conference in San Francisco. According to Doug Rose,

Conergy Selects Draker For PV Monitoring

Conergy has selected Draker Labs to provide monitoring services for a1.1 MW solar system that Conergy designed and installed at AquaAmerica’s water treatment plant in West Chester, Pa. The PV system,which was commissioned in December 2009, consists of ground-mountedpanels installed at a tilt angle. Draker’s monitoring systemprovides the plant’s owners and operators with real time performanceindicators

groSolar, DECK Monitoring Partner On Large-Scale Solar Plant Monitoring

groSolar has expanded its proprietary energy monitoring solution,groEnergy Watch, to include a seamless solution for large-scale solar PV installations. Through a partnership with DECK Monitoring, the companywill be making the improved groEnergy Watch solution available to itsnational network of dealer-installers and commercial installationcustomers in June. The DECK commercial-system platform connectsseamlessly with the groEnergy Watch system

SunReports unveils Apollo1 solar performance monitoring solution

SunReports Inc., a provider of performance monitoring solutions forresidential and small commercial solar installations, has unveiled theApollo1 – the industry’s first comprehensive, cost-effective performance monitoring solution for both solar electric and solar thermal systems. Designed with solar system installers’ and end-users’ needs in mind, Apollo1 isan on-site energy monitoring device that simultaneously captures PV,solar hot


Sanyo Denki Sanups PV Monitor for high tech monitoring of photovoltaic power system

Sanyo Denki Sanups PV Monitor eliminates the need of having monitoringpersonnel at photovoltaic power system installation sites such as megasolar power generation stations. It can display the quantity of powergenerated and a power trend graph in real-time. When trouble occurswith the PV inverter an e-mail is automatically sent. Conversely, whena request mail is sent by


GroSolar and Locus Energy Take PV System Monitoring to Next Level

Vermont-based groSolar and New York-based Locus Energy may have a match made in heaven. The two firms recently joined forces to bring PV system monitoring to the next level. According to an article in Distributed Energy titled “Energy Monitoring Goes Open- Source,” smart grids, smart meters and energy monitoring are powerful buzz categories these days

PROINSO Introduces Web App For Solar Project Monitoring

PROINSO, a distributor of solar modules, inverters, trackers and other products for PV systems, has introduceda new application on its Web site for the comparative calculation ofphotovoltaic solar energy. The tool provides information on solarphotovoltaic solar energy production in kilwatt hours per kilowatt(peak), for any installation anywhere on the planet, with single-axisor dual-axis trackers. Next month,

Tigo Energy Raises $10 Million

Tigo Energy has raised $10 million to march toward commercial production of its solar panel monitoring system. The Los Gatos, Calif.-based startup got the second round of fundingfrom ICV, Matrix Partners, OVP Venture Partners and Clal Energy. Thecompany previous raised $6 million last year. Founded in 2007, Tigo has seen its monitoring system deployed in 18projects