Quantum Achieves Industry Standard with PV Modules

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide revealed on Friday that its photovoltaic solar panel modules had achieved important certifications that will enable it for mass production in the near future. TheLake Forest, California company announced that its 230-watt crystallinesilicon solar photovoltaic modules had achieved the industry standardsof UL in the U.S. and C-UL in Canada. Additionally, […] Read more

Kyocera to Povide 13MWs of Solar Modules for Ohgishima Plant

Kyocera Corporationhas announced that the company will provide about solar modules capableof generating about 13MW of renewable power for the Ohgishima SolarPower Plant Mega Solar System, one of Japan’s largest solarinstallation planned by Tokyo Electric Power Company. Scheduledto be completed by 2011, the installation will provide greenelectricity to about 3800 homes and prevent the emission […] Read more

KYOCERA to provide 13 MW of solar modules for one of Japan’s largest solar installations

Kyocera Corp. announced that it will provide approximately 13 megawatts(MW) of solar modules for the Ohgishima Solar Power Plant "Mega SolarSystem," planned by Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) with constructionby Hitachi Ltd. Scheduled for completion in 2011, theinstallation will be one of the largest in Japan, providing electricityfor approximately 3,800 homes and off-setting about 5,800 […] Read more

Mitsubishi Supplies Modules For Rooftop Plant In Italy

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. saysa 2.9 MW photovoltaic installation for Coop’s new CNNA-Prato logisticcenter in Prato, Italy, has been completed. Of the 15,710 lead-freesolder PV modules used for the system, 15,650 modules were installed onthe warehouse roof, covering a surface of 21,000 square meters. Thesystem is expected to generate 3.2 million kWh per year, which willmeet […] Read more

MiaSolé’s 10 percent efficient modules receive UL and IEC certifications

MiaSolé, the emerging leader in the manufacture of CIGS thin filmphotovoltaic modules received simultaneous certification of its 100 and107 watt CIGS thin film, solar modules to UL 1703 and IEC 61646 and61730 standards on October 30, 2009. It was the first CIGSthin film module to be certified by UL to the three most criticalcertification standards […] Read more

Abound Solar Thin-Film PV Modules UL Certified

Abound Solar,a manufacturer of thin-film photovoltaic solar modules, has announcedthat Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has certified the company’s AB1series of PV modules in accordance with UL 1703 Third Edition. Underthe UL Witness program, testing occurred at both Abound Solar’sinternal compliance laboratory, as well as at UL’s PV laboratory in SanJose, Calif. The modules were exposed to […] Read more

Ascent Solar unveils FlexPower modules

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc., a developer of lightweight flexiblethin-film photovoltaic modules, today unveiled its FlexPower line ofproducts. The FlexPower class of modules, which includesLight, Mobile and Extreme, carries an industry leading power to weightratio, achieves the highest power density of any flexible productcurrently available in the market and provides a unique form-fitcapability. The FlexPowerTM line […] Read more

SoloPower Displays CIGS PV Modules at SPI

SoloPower, aCalifornia-based manufacturer of thin-film solar photovoltaic (PV)cells and modules, announced that a prototype of its flexible CIGSphotovoltaic module will be on display at the 3M booth, #377, at theSolar Power International 2009 conference in Anaheim, California onOctober 27-29, 2009. SoloPower worked with 3M to develop aflexible CIGS photovoltaic module that includes the 3M Ultra […] Read more

Canadian Solar (CSIQ) Sets Performance Record For PTC Ratings In P-Type Silicon Modules

Canadian Solar just announced that its CS5A and CS5P series have seta new record for PTC ratings in P-Type silicon modules, earning ratingof ratings of 190 and 250 watts in tests designed to simulatereal-world power generation conditions. Canadian Solar also announced that its new Enhanced SelectiveEmitter (ESE) technology, which enhances the performance of solarcells, has […] Read more

Tata Group invests in Swiss start-up producing PV solar modules

INDIA: The Tata Group has invested in Flisom (Flexible and lightweightsolar modules), a Switzerland-based company, to mark its interest inthe solar photovoltaic industry and focus on developing the nextgeneration of clean energy as a future growth area. Further, aprivate Swiss investor with business interest in start-up companies whoprovided initial support and investment to scale-up the […] Read more

Energy Focus Scores Contract For High Efficiency Solar Modules (EFOI)

  Energy Focus, Inc just announced that it has inked a $3.1 million,two-year contract with the DuPont-University of Delaware Very HighEfficiency Solar Cell (VHESC) Consortium to develop, cheap,high-efficiency solar modules. The project is being funded by theDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and uses spectrumsplitting technology to increase efficiency by breaking up sunlightinto different color […] Read more

Ascent Solar (ASTI) Surges Above 50DMA

Ascent Solar (ASTI) is moving up nearly 10% with good volume todayafter it announced this morning that it has signed a supply agreementwith Goal Zero which will use over 30K ASTI solar modules in customelectronic portable power applications to arrive on the market nextyear.  Ascent Solar CEO Farhad Moghadam said,  “Electronic andportable power applications are […] Read more

NanoSolar And Their Groundbreaking Technology

There was a very exciting announcement in the world of energy this week, and I’ve been taking a hard look at it. No, it wasn’t the Tiber field find by BP. Although peak oil deniersseized on the discovery as validation of their argument that technologywill continue to make vast new reserves of oil accessible and […] Read more

Mitsubishi Offering 10 New Photovoltaic Module Models

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has introduced new models of photovoltaic modules- five for the European market and five for North America and Asia. Thenew lineup comprises modules with outputs of 210, 220, 225, 230 and 235W. Shipments will begin on Jan. 15, 2010. The new high-outputmodules use lead-free solder and incorporate PV cells with four busbars. […] Read more