Are Home Owners Overpaying for Solar?

A recent analysis of nearly 17,000 projects reported to the California Solar Initiative has revealed a 40% average difference in the prices that solar contractors charge customers. It is a buyer beware market, with some solar contractors charging nearly double the price of others. From July through December of 2013, the average residential and small […] Read more

In Focus: Responsible Investing

Whether you want to be certain your investments align with your values or are looking to boost your long term return potential, responsible investing practices should be an important part of your financial toolkit. For many years, experts believed that incorporating social responsibility criteria into investment decisions meant accepting a reduction in return potential. Yet […] Read more

Sustainable Business Practices Yielding Profits

As climate change continues to be a hot topic for the environmental and political world, other sectors are beginning to take notice. Of these sectors, the business realm really has had its interest piqued and is benefiting from incorporating climate change and sustainability risks into their decision-making. Studies show that global clean energy markets present […] Read more

Lighter and More Efficient: Ford’s New Carbon Fibre Technology

Detroit automaker Ford has been experimenting with a new carbon fibre technology that could help lower fuel consumption for its customers. The carbon fibre bonnet for the Ford Focus was displayed at the Composites Europe event in Dusseldorf, Germany. It is constructed from the super-strong material usually associated with bespoke racing vehicles or high-performance sports […] Read more

American Apparel’s CEO Makes Solar Sexy (VIDEO)

​For all the PR energy that goes into pushing the solar revolution, Los Angeles homeowners remain skeptical about installing their own set of panels. (Our city of 4 million only has about 4,000 solar-powered homes.) Maybe all those Big Green promo teams should have taken a tip or two from controversial American Apparel CEO Dov Charney. This guy […] Read more

Native American Renewable Energy Models

Some stories so exuberantly shout out, ‘pay attention to the historyhere!’ that readers don’t need a browbeating interlocutor to insist onsuch a focus. As an election approaches that politically sophisticatedpeople are saying is going to be a comeuppance for ‘liberals,’ I wouldargue that an examination of important elements of the American pastsuggest that other matters […] Read more

SEPA Report Examines Utility Business Models

The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) has released the secondphase of its Utility Solar Business Models (USBM) report, entitled"Utility Solar Business Models: Developing Value in Solar Markets." Thereport provides a look at the business models of 21 utilities that haveintegrated solar energy into their energy portfolios. The USBM report examines variants among utility business models, […] Read more

Mitsubishi Offering 10 New Photovoltaic Module Models

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has introduced new models of photovoltaic modules- five for the European market and five for North America and Asia. Thenew lineup comprises modules with outputs of 210, 220, 225, 230 and 235W. Shipments will begin on Jan. 15, 2010. The new high-outputmodules use lead-free solder and incorporate PV cells with four busbars. […] Read more