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04 Feb

Will Tesla Make the Auto Mechanic Obsolete?


There are just six parts of a Tesla Model S that must be regularly replaced: …

07 Jan

Tesla Model S Passes “Cold Test”

The Daily Fusion

How do electric cars perform in cold weather? To alleviate concerns about the limitations of …

04 Nov

Tesla Motors: Building A Hybrid Battery System?

Green Patent Blog

A family of Tesla patents and pending applications relating to a hybrid battery system has been …

01 Nov

Panasonic Supplies 2 Billion Li-Ion Cells to Tesla Motors

The Daily Fusion

Panasonic Corporation and Tesla Motors this week announced that the two companies have reached an …

17 Oct

Lithium Batteries: How Green Are They?


Electric cars have really taken off in the last two years or so and it’s …

26 Aug

The Tesla Model S: SAFEST CAR EVER


We’ve written a lot about Tesla Motors (Nasdaq: TSLA) in the past few months because the …

29 May

Tesla Repays DOE Loan (9 Years Early)


Apparently some people don’t like being beholden to others. At least that seems to be …

21 Sep

Tesla Showrooms: Coming to Shopping Malls


Tesla Motors (TSLA) is building on its strategy of exposing the pubic to its electric cars …

06 Aug

In Focus: Top Electric Car Manufacturers


As consumer demand grows for more environmentally friendly vehicles, car manufacturers around the world are …

31 Jul

Will Tesla Motors Change the World?


It’s a little bit mind-boggling to think that only a century ago, cars were just …

14 Feb

Tesla Announces the Model X

Green Chip Stocks

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) never lets me down. First they knocked my socks off with the …