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20 Mar

Battery Swapping: Never Say Never

Pat Bahn

John Voelcker at Green Car Reports, in an article today argues it will never happen. …

12 Mar

Tesla Dissed by New Jersey

Green Chip Stocks

Well, score one against the free market. In the Garden State, where Governor Chris Christie rules over …

27 Feb

Tesla’s Giga Factory Will be INSANE

Greentech Media

Tesla CEO Elon Musk provided some more details on the proposed battery factory: Pioneering EV …

07 Jan

Tesla Model S Passes “Cold Test”

The Daily Fusion

How do electric cars perform in cold weather? To alleviate concerns about the limitations of …

05 Dec

Mercedes + Tesla = B-Class Electric Drive


Electric cars are gaining serious momentum, and the number of car makers that start investing …

04 Nov

Tesla Motors: Building A Hybrid Battery System?

Green Patent Blog

A family of Tesla patents and pending applications relating to a hybrid battery system has been …

01 Nov

Panasonic Supplies 2 Billion Li-Ion Cells to Tesla Motors

The Daily Fusion

Panasonic Corporation and Tesla Motors this week announced that the two companies have reached an …

21 Oct

Virginia Green Lights Tesla Dealership


Some of the most interesting things that make Tesla Motors different from all other car …

17 Oct

Lithium Batteries: How Green Are They?


Electric cars have really taken off in the last two years or so and it’s …

06 Oct

Tesla: Working on Driverless Cars


It looks like the driverless car game is about to become much more competitive than …

03 Sep

Roads With a Contact Rails: The EV Answer?

The Daily Fusion

European scientists and engineers are working on a technology that would allow to charge an …

07 Aug

Tesla Destroys Earnings

Greentech Media

Tesla (TSLA) shares surged 14 percent in after-hours trading on better than expected revenue and …