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5 Reasons Clean Energy Technology is Booming

5 Reasons Clean Energy Technology is Booming

You may have heard about the recent 60 Minutes segment that inexplicably reported the cleantech sector was in steep decline. There are quite a few reports out there breaking down the many fallacies of that segment, with most correctly concluding the sector is not dead, it is in fact booming and evidence of that surging momentum is everywhere you look. Consider these


Solar and The Cloud: Like Kim and Kanye

The large solar installers and financiers get a lot of attention. They get a lot of media airtime, utilize comparatively large marketing budgets to acquire their customers, and can support diverse operational roles in the overhead of their company. And yet the top five national solar installers only comprise 36% of the market share (according


Improving Solar Cells with Quantum-Dot Microscopy

Researchers working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a new microscopy technique that uses a process similar to how an old tube television produces a picture—cathodoluminescence—to image nanoscale features. Combining the best features of optical and scanning electron microscopy, the fast, versatile, and high-resolution technique allows scientists to view surface


“Disruptive” Energy Companies Honored by MIT

MIT Technology Review, a publication of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has released its 2013 “50 Disruptive Companies” List. Among the companies recognized are a series of cutting edge firms that are ushering in a new era of clean, renewable energy. “The pace at which technology changes is astounding,” said Jason Pontin, publisher and editor


MIT Engineers Develop Solar Funneling Technology

MIT engineers have created a model which solar energy can be more efficient and effective by using a funnel before it’s captured. This new concept places highly specialized materials under “elastic strain,” which allows the materials to first capture the sunlight and then collect it at the center. Ju Li, a professor at MIT and


MIT Creates Solar Mapping Tool for Cambridge

  MIT is making it easier for the people of Cambridge to go solar, thanks to a new solar mapping tool that it developed. Residents, businesses and others in Cambridge can look up addresses throughout the town to determine the potential of rooftop solar at the location, including estimated system cost, payback and return on


3-D Solar Modules Developed @MIT

With photovoltaics, it’s generally been thought that flat-plate collectors tilted at an angle or mounted to maximize the amount of direct sunlight that hits them are the best way to get the most out of PV. But research conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is showing that 3-D modules, which look much like


The Problem with MIT’s “Future of the Electric Grid” Study

A recent study by MIT, entitled “The Future of the Electric Grid,” finds that “integrating more renewables into the US grid will be costly and have unintended consequences, including potential for increased carbon emissions.” We find that this study is highly problematic, for a number of important reasons. Before we get to our criticisms, here’s


3D: A New Dimension for Solar Energy

Research is on its way to improve performance of solar photovoltaic cells and bringing down cost has been the key issue. However, little importance has been given to the arrangements of these cells. Normally, PVs are placed in a flat position on rooftops and other surfaces. They’re also attached to vehicles and motorized structures where


What Will Solar Panels Look Like in the Future?

Researchers at MIT have recently concluded that solar panels, to optimize light intake, should be three-dimensional structures. According to their report in the Energy and Environmental Science journal, researchers have found constructing a solar array with photovoltaic panels at various angles can boost performance levels by 2 to 20 times compared to flat panels! In


Innovators Make the Case for Renewables at MIT Conference

MIT’s annual Energy Conference, held last Friday and Saturday, featured an impressive array of young engineers, scientists, and renewable energy entrepreneurs. It also included a sizeable number of more established players in the energy field. And the question left hanging at the end of the conference was whether this group of inventors and dreamers could