05 Mar

The U.S Military LOVES Solar Power

CleanEdison Blog

If ever there was a champion of efficiency, the military would be it. Energy efficiency …

27 Oct

Middle Class Love Solar Power


Rooftop solar has been growing so rapidly in the US over the past few years …

04 Oct

U.S Navy Triples Down on Solar in Hawaii


A clean energy seed money startup program in Hawai’i will now have triple its existing …

03 Oct

FUTUREWATCH: Charging Mobile Phones with Lightning

The Daily Fusion

Harnessing the power of lightning to charge your mobile phone is much more impressive (and …

26 Aug

Solar’s Answer to Moore’s Law: Swanson’s Law


Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, predicted in 1965 that the processing power of computers would …

26 Aug

Here Come The Solar Drones


Solar-powered drones might have the ability to replace certain types of satellites. Titan Aerospace presented …

12 Aug

WeWi Telecommunications Announces “SOL” Solar Laptop


Laptop computers use just 50 to 75 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity annually, just one-third of …

18 Jul

FUTUREWATCH: U.S. Army Developing Flexible Batteries

The Daily Fusion

The U.S. Army is developing a battery to improve soldiers’ agility on the battlefield while …

28 Jun

The 2012 Global Solar Energy Leaders


Solar power by country rankings are usually based on total solar capacity and do not …

20 May

Top 5 Ways The U.S Military is Utililizing Renewable Energy


The U.S. Military is all about efficiency and effectiveness. In the eyes of the military, …

10 May

U.S Army Announces $7B in Renewable Energy Projects


The U.S. Army has just launched the first in a series of renewable energy contracts …

23 Jan

U.S Army Announces Biggest Solar Project Yet


While the US government signed a contract for its biggest wind farm, the US Army dedicated …