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In Focus: 3D Printed Cars

In Focus: 3D Printed Cars

While most 3D parts created are plastic, some 3D printers are already printing metal parts. From air vents to cylinder heads, the type and amount of auto parts produced will increase dramatically using the 3D printing process. If 3D car printing sounds like sci-fi to you, it’s the here and now. Engineers have found ways

Where Solar Concentrators and Energy Efficient Lights Meet

Concentrating PV and solar lighting are two industries with compelling ideas and, to date, relatively anemic sales. Combining ideas from both fields might be the answer. Canada’s SunCentral is in the midst of testing a solar lighting system that it says can reduce lighting and cooling loads in buildings while making offices more pleasant places


Global PV Inverter Shipments Fail To Meet Demand

GlobalPV inverter shipments totaled 3.1 GW in the first quarter of 2010 (Q12010) – the largest-ever first-quarter total for the industry and thesecond highest quarterly result on record, according to arecent report from IMS Research. Q12010 was an outstanding and unique quarter for PV inverter suppliers for two different reasons, the company says. All suppliers


Solar Could Meet 11% of Global Energy Demand by 2050

The International Energy Agency (IEA) was yesterday the source of anencouraging finding for the solar industry, courtesy of Paolo Frankl,the head of the agency’s renewable energy division. Speaking at a solar photovoltaic (PV) summit in Italy, Frankldeclared that PV electricity generating capacity could reach 3,000gigawatts of power in 2050, enough to meet approximately 11 percent ofthe

Can UC Meet its Solar Goal?

The University of California (UC) System in 2004 set a goal ofinstalling a combined 10 megawatts of renewable energy on UC campuses by 2014. A good chunk of that energy could come from solar. But accordingto Matt St. Clair, Sustainability Manager at the UC Office, the overall target may be a bit ambitious. “Schools are

“Personal” solar energy will help meet world’s energy needs, professor says

Personal-scale solar energy is essential to meeting the world’s energydemands in the next century, Massachusetts Institute of Technologyprofessor Daniel Nocera said in the latest issue of Inorganic Chemistry. Noceraenvisions a catalyst that could split water molecules into hydrogen andoxygen; the hydrogen, in turn, would be used to generate electricity ina fuel cell. The process is


Rising to Meet the Energy Challenge

As Americans we don’t shrink from challenges, we embrace them. Inthe 19th century, we united the nation’s economy with the firsttranscontinental railroad. In the 20th century, we powered theSouthwest with the largest hydroelectric power station in the world. Werecognized that these challenges were not merely about laying track orbuilding a dam, but about securing the


Asia Pacific Must Invest Up To $9.7 Trillion by 2030 to Meet Predicted Energy Demands

A new report by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) claims the Asia Pacific region must invest between $7 and $9.7 Trillion into the energy sector by 2030. Titled The Energy Outlook for Asia and the Pacific [pdf], the report has been launched at the Pacific Energy Summitand projects regional energy demand to grow 2.4% every