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150K Solar Street Lights Planned in Mecca

150K Solar Street Lights Planned in Mecca

The scale of this solar street lighting project in the Saudi Arabian holy city of Mecca is truly breathtaking. However, what is even more breathtaking is the conclusions can one draw about the value proposition of solar in a place where oil generated electricity comes in at a mind numbingly low 0.006 per kilowatt hour.


Virginia: Clean Energy Mecca?

Researchers assessing the state’s potential for renewable energy say Virginia could realistically meet half of its nearly 20,000-megawatt power demand by the year 2035 with clean, sustainable sources like solar, onshore and offshore wind, and biomass. The George Mason University study, prepared for the Virginia Conservation Network, a coalition of renewable energy advocates and environmental

Can Nevada Become U.S. Solar Development Mecca?

There may be no better way to turn around a struggling state economythan by promoting renewable energy jobs. So goes the collective mindsetof Nevada Senator Harry Reid and U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, as they announced yesterday a plan to bring a solar thermal testing siteto the state of Nevada. Construction of the site is

California Call for Clean Tech Mecca

On Wednesday, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, in his annual State of the State Address called for support of green technology to create new jobs to boost the economy. Schwarzenegger highlighted how the Californian dream is not over –calling the state a pioneering mega-state that is the greenest, mostdiverse, and most globalized state in