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Understanding the Massachusetts Commonwealth Solar II Rebate

Understanding the Massachusetts Commonwealth Solar II Rebate

Massachusetts offers very generous solar rebates to its residents and businesses, but it may be hard to decipher whatthis actually means for you.  First off, there are two different solarrebates available for most customers in Massachusetts – the Commonwealth Solar II Rebate and the Commonwealth Solar Stimulus Program.  Yourpotential solar panel installation will qualify for

General Mills Completes Massachusetts Solar Installation

General Mills, the world’s sixth-largest food company, began itsenvironmentally responsible business practices in 2009 when the companybegan harnessing wind power to run its facility in San Adrian, Spain.Wind power now accounts for one-third of the facility’s annual energyuse. On Friday, General Mills announced the completion of the firstrenewable energy installation sited at one of its


What Your Solar Installer May Not Have Told You About Massachusetts SRECs

With the arrival of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) in Massachusetts, the economic viability of solarhas improved dramatically.  Unlike state and federal rebates and taxcredits, there is still a lot of uncertainty about how much SRECs are worth and how long they will be around. Solar Renewable EnergyCredits (SRECs) are tradeable certificatesthat represent all the


Solar Incentives Running Out Quickly for Massachusetts and Connecticut

Everyonesays history repeats itself. With solar incentives, the story doesn‘tchange. You have to act fast if you want a piece of the photovoltaicsubsidies in Massachusetts and Connecticut. If you are on the fencewhether to go solar, you should see if it makes sense sooner rather than later. Both Massachusetts and Connecticut are known for having

Massachusetts Offers Grant to 35 Green Communities

The state has awarded 35 municipalities across Massachusetts asleaders in clean energy, or “green communities.”  A city or town thatreceives this status is able to receive grants that can subsidizerenewable energy, like wind and solar, and efficiency programs.  A total of $8.1 million in grants will be given out with  the intention ofprogressing clean energy goals and creating  green

Western Massachusetts Commercial Solar Seminar Set for May 5

If you are a Massachusetts business owner, you may find this $20investment to be the most valuable one you’ve ever made. On Wednesday, May 5, the Center forEcological Technology (CET) will host a commercial solar energyworkshop at Hancock Shaker Village in Hancock, Massachusetts. ChrisVreeland, a renewable energy consultant, and James Barry, of theMassachusetts Department of Energy Resources,

Massachusetts Home Solar Power Rebates Coming Soon!

Attention Massachusetts homeowners, the launchof block 2 of funding for the Commonwealth Solar II rebate program iscurrently scheduled for April 9, 2010.    CommonwealthSolar II rebate program is offered by the Massachusetts Clean EnergyCenter (MassCEC) and provides rebates for the installation of grid-tiedphotovoltaic (PV) systems at residential, commercial, industrial,institutional and public facilities.#   If your

Spire ranked 9th fastest-growing public company in Massachusetts

Spire Corp., a global solar company providing capital equipment tomanufacture photovoltaic (PV) modules and turnkey manufacturing lines,solar cells and solar systems, has been ranked number nine on theBoston Business Journal’s Book of Lists 2010 as one of theFastest-Growing Public Companies in Massachusetts over the last threeyears. Spire’s percent of revenue growth from 2006 to 2008

Massachusetts Audubon Society Heavily Vested in Solar

It isn’t “new” news, but the Massachusetts’ Audubon’s investment insolar energy – 98.5 kilowatts (not counting solar hot water) – is oneof the more surprising quiet revolutions in solar energy. Thelargest solar photovoltaic array in the system is at the Wellfleet BayWildlife Sanctuary’s Esther Underwood Nature Center. There, a full 21.1kilowatts of ground- and roof-mounted

Massachusetts Solar Industry to Grow 30% Per Year

Massachusetts new state solar incentive program that will takeeffect in 2010, it will create and sustain solar industry growth of 30%per year for the foreseeable future. Good news for existing solarcompanies, entrepreneurs looking to enter the space and collegegraduates that want to save the world. Here’s the skinny. The solar photovoltaic (PV) industry is mainlydriven

Two Massachusetts programs will keep solar power subsidies alive

Two new programs in Massachusetts will provide subsidies for solar power projects, the state announced this week. TheBay State’s original solar subsidy, the Commonwealth Solar Fund, ranout of money in October due to overwhelming popularity. It wasadministered by the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust, which isfunded through a surcharge on residents’ electric bills. The surchargeamounts to

Massachusetts Readies New Solar Plan For January 2010

With ambitious initiatives such as its Solar Stimulus Programand a target of installing 250 megawatts’ worth of solar-generatingcapacity in the state by 2017, Massachusetts has shown itself to be avanguard in the U.S. push for solar, and the latest news to emerge fromthe Commonwealth further bolsters this reputation: having tapped outits $68 million state solar


Massachusetts Solar Rebate Closed

 The solar rebate program in Massachusetts, called Commonwealth Solar,has received all the applications it needs to meet its goal of 27MW ofsolar power in the state by 2012. The program is now closed to newapplicants. With MA Governor Deval Patrick’s outspoken support for renewabletechnologies, solar power most certainly included, the state mayintroduce another program–who knows.