26 Oct

Hedging Your Bet on Massachusetts Solar Incentives

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Solar energy incentives in Massachusetts have never been better.  Between federal and state tax credits, …

28 Sep

Massachusetts Solar Misconceptions

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There are many misconceptions about the viability of solar energy in Massachusetts.  Yet, Massachusetts has …

17 Sep

Block 3 of the Massachusetts Solar PV Rebate Has Ended

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Block 3 of the Massachusetts Commonwealth Solar II PV Rebate has been exhausted for both …

08 Sep

Connecticut and Massachusetts Have the Best Energy Policies

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A report released by the Center for American Progress and Energy Resource Management Corporation put …

12 Aug

Understanding the Massachusetts Commonwealth Solar II Rebate

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Massachusetts offers very generous solar rebates to its residents and businesses, but it may be …

26 Jul

General Mills Completes Massachusetts Solar Installation

General Mills, the world’s sixth-largest food company, began itsenvironmentally responsible business practices in 2009 when …

09 Jul

What Your Solar Installer May Not Have Told You About Massachusetts SRECs

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With the arrival of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) in Massachusetts, the economic viability of …

01 Jul

Solar Incentives Running Out Quickly for Massachusetts and Connecticut

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Everyonesays history repeats itself. With solar incentives, the story doesn‘tchange. You have to act fast …

28 Jun

Massachusetts SRECs Explained – Part I

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Massachusetts joins other stateslike New Jersey , Pennsylvania, and Maryland in creating an SREC marketin …

22 Jun

Massachusetts Offers Grant to 35 Green Communities

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The state has awarded 35 municipalities across Massachusetts asleaders in clean energy, or “green communities.”  …

28 Apr

Western Massachusetts Commercial Solar Seminar Set for May 5

If you are a Massachusetts business owner, you may find this $20investment to be the …

08 Apr

Massachusetts Home Solar Power Rebates Coming Soon!

Residential Solar 101

Attention Massachusetts homeowners, the launchof block 2 of funding for the Commonwealth Solar II rebate …