Solar Leasing Gains Momentum

Solar leasing gets so many headlines in the clean energy media, it seems like a foregone conclusion. But it’s not — not yet, anyway. About fourteen of 50 states currently offer a lease model for rooftop solar systems. One of the most active states is California, which offers plenty of lessons for other states, according […] Read more

What to Expect With a Mass Save Energy Assessment

In an effort to better understand the process our customers go through for a solar installation in Massachusetts, my husband and I participated in a Mass Save energy assessment.  My first reaction is why isn’t everyone getting one.   The time invested in the one- to two-hour process is well spent. Mass Save is an initiative […] Read more

Block 5 of Mass Commonwealth Solar Rebate Announced

The solar power incentives in Massachusetts have almost been too good to be true this year.  It’s one of the bestplaces in the country to make an investment in solar.  With theintroduction of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) coupled withdecreasing module and equipment costs, the payback for a PV installation in Massachusetts in 2010 is […] Read more

Block 4 of Mass Commonwealth Solar II Rebate to Open

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center has announced that Block 4 of the Commonwealth Solar II Rebate is scheduled to open on Friday, October 15th, 2010 for both expedited and non-expedited installers.  Funding for Block 3 of the Commonwealth Solar II program was exhausted in mid-September and no new rebate applications could be submitted. Expedited installers […] Read more

Make the Most of Mass Save Energy Efficiency Programs

Massachusettsresidents and business owners are in luck with the large depth ofservices and incentives available through Mass Save to promote efficient energy practices.  I’m sure a lot of people haven’t heard about theirfree energy assessments, rebates, low interest financing, and energyassistance for income-eligible customers.  Programs vary byMassachusetts city and town so please check the website […] Read more

The Unseen Torture of PV Integration in Mass

If Kimbo Slice signs a contract with an installer/integrator for a 5kW PV system onhis house in MA on Monday, and it takes 2 days to install 5kW, whyshould Kimbo not be able to turn on his system on Thursday? 1. Commonwealth Solar Rebate Approval: 1-2 month wait Kimbo knows that he can get up […] Read more

Anwell begins mass production of solar panels

Anwell Technologies Ltd, a global supplier of advanced manufacturingequipment and process technologies for optical disc, OLED and solarindustries is pleased to announce its official entry into the solarindustry as it begins mass production of amorphous silicon (a-Si) thinfilm solar panels using its in-housedeveloped Sunlite turnkeyproduction line. Anwell’s a-Sithin film solar panel production line. A unique […] Read more

Mass. Awards $20m Bid to Local Integrator

The Bay State is wasting no time with the distribution of stimulusfunds for renewable energy growth within the state, putting seriouseffort behind the solicitation of bidsfor projects on public property. Continuing to push forward, GovernorDeval Patrick and Secretary of Energy Ian Bowles went out to NorthAndover today to solar integrator Nexamp’s logistics center. Jointly,they announced […] Read more

In Mass, Building Efficiency will be bigger than Solar

Last week, I wrote about how Building Efficiency will be BIGGER than the Solar Industry in Massachusetts, this is a follow up to my original post. With huge money flowing through ‘Cash for Caulkers’ (or HomeStar),Massachusetts DOER, and the utility companies to promote buildingefficiency, we should have a huge reduction in energy consumption andlots of […] Read more

Mass. Solicits Long-Term Solar Contracts

As part of the Bay State’s Green Communities Act, investor-owned utilities must solicit bids for 10-15 year renewable energy production contracts at least twice in the next four years. The first round of solicitations–for 750,000 MWh–is being organized by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER). The state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard requires electricity suppliers to include […] Read more

Can a New Material Revive Thermal Mass?

In the last week or so I learned about a fascinating modern version of a millennia old technology. I’mtalking about thermal mass…this is a very popular technology amongthe passive solar crowd–stretching back to the dawn ofcivilization–and it involves building your home (or castle) with"thick" walls that absorb heat during the heat of the day (cooling […] Read more

Can SunDrum Make Solar Cheaper?

SunDrum combines solar PV and solar thermal with a technology that comes from PCs. Could it make all-in-one solar cheaper? Itboosts the power output of photovoltaic panels. It heats water. AndSunDrum’s solar collector is similar to one of the parts in a high-endPC or server. Hudson, Mass-based SunDrumis raising funds now to go into further […] Read more