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Can Vivint be the Biggest U.S Solar Installer in 2013?

Can Vivint be the Biggest U.S Solar Installer in 2013?

  Following on the heels of the announcement that Vivint would be purchased by Blackstone for more than $2 billion, Vivint has said it plans to install solar on at least 10,000 homes in 2013. That’s according to founder Todd Pederson, who discussed expansion plans with Bloomberg earlier this week. That’s up significantly from about


Japanese Solar Bubble: In The Cards?

It’s been a big year for global renewable energy development as Japan announced its intention to phase on nuclear energy and instead rely heavily on clean energy sources. Recent clean energy subsidies in the county sparked $2 billion in clean energy investments in just two months while the Japanese government predicts a “$640 billion spending boom”


Mecca: Leading Saudia Arabia Solar Effort

The holy city of Mecca could be the first in Saudia Arabia to host a utility-scale solar power plant, as the sun-rich desert kingdom seeks to diversify its energy mix, reports Bloomberg. In early January 2013, the city will select from at least 20 bidders that want to build local power plants in Mecca to


Germany’s Renewable Energy Goal

At the end of last month the Economist published an article on Germany’s energy transition to renewables labeling it a “lunatic gamble”. This could not be further from the truth and in this blog we’ll explain why… The article claimed that German plans to switch to renewable energy are risky, and yet the transition roadmap


Ascent Solar Lands Pilot Program at Foxconn

Ascent Solar, a thin-film manufacturer based in Thornton, Colo., has penned an agreement to provide solar panels to major electronics manufacturer Foxconn in China. The agreement is for a small pilot project, said Ascent president and CEO Victor Lee. Foxconn’s name will be printed in Ascent Solar’s CIGS thin-film solar photovoltaic panels across its canvas


Solar War Update: China Fights Back

Germany’s SolarWorld lauched a U.S. anti-dumping trade claim against China in solar PV modules through SolarWorld America in October of last year. The firm was well within its corporate responsibility in its actions. SolarWorld has pressured for an anti-China trade claim to be made in Europe as well. But trade claims and anti-dumping tariffs don’t


SolarCity Readies for IPO

SolarCity, the leading solar installer in the US, is planning to go public in the third quarter this year, reports Reuters. If successful, the launch on the public markets could value the company at $1.5 billion. Based in San Mateo, California, SolarCity has grown rapidly since it was founded just 6 years ago. In the first quarter of 2011, the company’s


The 5 Hottest Solar Hot Water Markets

#1. Rental Apartment Buildings.  Most apartment buildings in the U.S. are heated with central gas heating systems. Between tenant showers, washing machines, and dish washers, building owners are flushing a large portion of their rental income down the proverbial drain. If they have the roof space, insolation, and room for a solar storage tank, solar


Fossil Fuel Reserves and World Markets

From CarbonTracker.org comes this very useful accounting of global fossil fuel reserves, by market listing on stock exchanges. The risk identified in their report, Unburnable Carbon – Are the World’s Financial Markets Carrying a Carbon Bubble?, is that markets have accorded value to energy resources which may never be extracted. The reason? A rather hopeful


Lux Research Report Forecasts Future of Solar Markets

New research from Lux Research shows that the German solar market has no single heir apparent to match the rapid growth of solar in thecountry over the past two years, thanks to generous governmentsubsidies. The report looks at 15 hot markets for solar that havelargely been glanced over in traditional research and media, reportauthor and