18 Mar

In Focus: Recent Green Technology Advances


Attempting to make the world an improved and pollution-free place to live is not a …

11 Mar

5 Reasons Clean Energy Technology is Booming

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

You may have heard about the recent 60 Minutes segment that inexplicably reported the cleantech sector was in steep …

27 Feb

Tesla’s Giga Factory Will be INSANE

Greentech Media

Tesla CEO Elon Musk provided some more details on the proposed battery factory: Pioneering EV …

03 Feb

Tesla Trying to Recall the Recall


Tesla’s big wall charger adapter replacement program is about to get a lot bigger. For one thing, …

11 Jan

Disney: Discontinuing Pro-Fracking School Tour

Scaling Green

Sometimes, the actual news seems more like an Onion parody. This is a great example. Radio Disney …

06 Dec

Why Solar is Beating Wind


Renewable energy helps sustain energy in a way that is protective of the environment. However, …

05 Dec

SolarCity Uses Tesla Batteries for Enterprise Energy Storage

Greentech Media

SolarCity is geting into the commercial energy storage business by installing and financing batteries and …

04 Dec

Toshiba The Solar Utility?

Greentech Media

In the first stages of change on the grid, utilities will start to face increasing threats to …

03 Dec

China: Now The World’s Largest Solar Market

The Solarserver

In October 2013 NPD Solarbuzz Inc. (Santa Clara, California, U.S.) published a new analysis which …

14 Nov

Illinois Solar Falls Behind Goal


The state’s renewable energy portfolio standard demands that by June 2014, 18.4 percent of its …

04 Nov

SunPower Expanding Cell Capacity

Greentech Media

SunPower had another profitable quarter and is looking to expand its cell capacity. (That is …

24 Oct

Thin Film Takes Solar Efficiency Crown


German researchers have broken the record for thin-film PV efficiency, achieving 20.8%. This milestone is especially important because it …