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March 8-12: Dow, NASDAQ, Solar Gain Yet Again $tan $qqqq

March 8-12: Dow, NASDAQ, Solar Gain Yet Again $tan $qqqq

Solar stocks beat major indexes Aftera lackluster February, U.S. stocks posted a second straight week ofgains. The Dow gained 58 points to finish at 10624.69, a .6% upswingfrom last Friday. The NASDAQ did better by jumping 41 points andclosing at 2367.66, a 1.8% surge from last week. Solar stocks in the20SSI surpassed both major indexes

Solar Power Recap: March 11th

It’ll be short and sweet today, with minimal asides and unsolicitedcomments from yours truly (collective sigh of relief). Here’s what’snews in solar energy today: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), America’s largestmunicipal utility, is on the verge of passing a 5-percent rateincrease, in part to fund incentives for residential and commercial solar installations,

Solar Power Recap: March 10th

Here’swhat’s on tap this morning: a slew of solar school projects; a newsolar-installation contest from panel-maker Canadian Solar; a200-megawatt deal between SunPower and Southern California Edison; and,wrapping it up, a few notes from CERAWeek, including a Saudi oiltitan’s take on the future of global energy demand. So what’s with all these schools installing solar panels?


Solar Power Recap: March 9th

We’ll cut right to the chase this morning — no clever lead-in or snappy recap. Just pure, unadulterated solar energy news… First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR) today announced it signeda power purchase agreement (PPA) with California utility PG&E for a300-megawatt (mW) utility-scale photovoltaic installation in SouthernCalifornia, via Solar Industry.These 300 mWs will join 250 mWs already under

Solar Power Recap: March 8th

Happy Monday, everyone. It’s all about the lending this morning, aswe relay news on solar energy financing programs in three places:Hawaii, Sonoma County and Cambodia. Now let’s get down to business… Hawaii may become the next state to offer aproperty-assessed financing option for homeowners who install renewableenergy systems, reports The Honolulu Advertiser.Under the program, the state would

Solar Power Recap: March 5th

Here at the end of the first week of March we’ve got some choicesolar tidbits for you: solar stock updates, a fancy new kind of hybridpower plant in Florida, a gigantozoid solar installation in Colorado,solar as fashion statement for financial districts, and yes, even more.Read on. Florida Power & Light got some love in the

Solar Power Recap: March 4th

In today’s edition of the Rundown, we’ve got itall: better-than-anticipated earnings from a Chinese panel-makinggiant; a politician who’s aiming to save Florida a lot of energy andsome serious cash; font that is inexplicably smaller than usual; andtwo smart Indians who discuss their country’s solar-powered future.What more could you want? Read on: Arizona Public Service (APS) yesterday

Solar Power Recap: March 3rd

For those readers who pay close enough attention, you probablynoticed that yesterday’s installment of Solar Power Rundown was, well,missing. (I know, I know: how did you ever get through the day?) Haveno fear, however, we’re back in full force today with your daily recap of solar energy news and related information. Here we go: Florida

KYOCERA upwardly revises annual solar cell production to 1GW by March 2013

Kyocera Corp. will increase its annual solar cell production targets tomeet the growing demand for solar energy products in the global market.New targets aim for an incremental increase to 1 gigawatt (GW) per yearby March 2013 — 2.5 times more than the current fiscal year 2010production volume of 400MW. Fiscal Year* Annual Solar Cell Production

Solar Power Recap: March 1st

Happy Monday, everyone. Here’s what’s popping in solar energy news: Starting the week off right, San Jose, Calif.-based SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWRA) this morning announced a power supply agreement with Toshiba.SunPower will sell 32 megawatts’ worth of its high-efficiencymonocrystalline panels to the Japanese electronics firm, which will usethe panels to “form the cornerstone” of its new residential solaroffering

SunPower Successfully Retests March Lows (SPWRA)

Over thelast four days, Sunpower Corporation (SWPRa) completed a successfulretest of the March lows (intra-day low of $19.70, closing low of$20.91). The next price target is around $26.25 with a close of the gapcreated by the news of accounting irregularities at its Philippine manufacturing operations.This price level will likely meet with heavy resistance and sellingpressure

SunPower Clings to March Lows (SPWRA)

It has been a very long time since a stock blindsided me, but the sting is no less powerful! Yesterday, SunPower (SPWR) dropped the AA-bomb – audit and accounting, announcing that: “…based upon an internal review of its Philippinemanufacturing operations, the company believes there may have beenunsubstantiated accounting entries made in the first three quarters