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UNVEILED: The U.S Renewable Energy Roadmap

UNVEILED: The U.S Renewable Energy Roadmap

Stanford University scientist Mark Jacobson has developed a 50-state renewable energy roadmap for transforming the United States from dependence on fossil fuels to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. He unveiled the plan at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago. “Drastic problems require drastic and immediate solutions,” said Jacobson,


Solar and The Cloud: Like Kim and Kanye

The large solar installers and financiers get a lot of attention. They get a lot of media airtime, utilize comparatively large marketing budgets to acquire their customers, and can support diverse operational roles in the overhead of their company. And yet the top five national solar installers only comprise 36% of the market share (according


In Focus: Off-Grid Renewable Energy

At the beginning of August 2012, the world’s biggest power outage hit India leaving 600 million people without electricity. India’s burgeoning electrical grid failed to meet the extreme demands of its growing economy. They simply did not have enough capacity to meet the high demand of electricity in cities. The power outage threw the urban


Retail Solar Throwdown: IKEA vs. Kohl’s

It’s a bright week for the solar industry when two major retail chains announce their support of solar energy initiatives, so much so that they’re winning awards and setting new solar records! The international home products company IKEA recently reported its fourth solar PV installation in just one week, more than the store has ever achieved


An Interactive Map of Clean Energy Sources

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has just launched a website with an application designed to map the US potential energy sources called RE Atlas. Dan Getman, the lead developer for the project calls RE Atlas “an excellent tool for policymakers, planners, energy developers, and others who need to better understand the renewable resources available in

Denver Regional Solar Map Expanded

With the help of a $180,000 federal grant, the Denver RegionalCouncil of Governments has expanded the use of the Denver Regional Solar Map — a tool originally intended for approximately 2,000 commercialproperty owners in Denver to figure out how much solar energy they canharvest on their roofs. The map has been expanded to include an

Solar Thermal Consortium Unveils Road Map For New York

TheSolar Thermal Consortium has introduced a road map designed toestablish New York as a national leader in solar heat and coolingtechnologies. Developed over the past six months by more than 130 industrial, academic and governmental representatives, the SolarThermal Roadmap creates a path to move New York state toward 2,000 MW of solar thermal capacity –


Solar Map Coming to New York City

In an attempt to create a bird’s-eye view solar map of New York City, City University of New York representativesand city officials last month joined forces to fly a laser-equippedairplane over the Big Apple. The joint effort was aided by Sanborn, a Colorado-based mapping firm. The crew collected data needed to pinpoint prime areas for solarinstallations. The


The Rise of GreenMapping

I’ve reported on several different green mapping tools recently (here and here). But I didn’t connect the dots, so to speak, until reading a story in SustainableBusinessabout a “First-of-its-Kind” map released today. The piece describes anew online visual tool showing the location of some 2,200 greenbusinesses throughout the Golden State. It goes further than that,

Solar Cities | San Francisco

East Berkeley, May 1954 The modern age of solar power began inEast Berkeley in May, 1954 (my birth month and year) with thedevelopment of the silicon solar cell. By East Berkeley, I am, ofcourse, referring to Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, then home of thelegendary Bell Labs, where so many technological inventions of that erawere born.