03 Mar

UNVEILED: The U.S Renewable Energy Roadmap

The Daily Fusion

Stanford University scientist Mark Jacobson has developed a 50-state renewable energy roadmap for transforming the …

07 Nov

Solar and The Cloud: Like Kim and Kanye


The large solar installers and financiers get a lot of attention. They get a lot …

16 May

In Focus: People Power!


Carbon dioxide might be getting close to the infamous 400 parts per million (ppm) but …

25 Jan

Grid Parity in the U.S: There’s A Map for That

Greentech Media

With solar prices dropping in the U.S. and around the world, John Farrell noticed that …

17 Sep

The Original Silicon Valley

The Solar Company

San Francisco’s South Bay- Many of the world’s phattest (I’m including East Bay here) tech …

23 Aug

In Focus: Off-Grid Renewable Energy


At the beginning of August 2012, the world’s biggest power outage hit India leaving 600 …

23 Jul

Retail Solar Throwdown: IKEA vs. Kohl’s

It’s a bright week for the solar industry when two major retail chains announce their …

08 Jun

SMART NY Campaigns to Reduce NYC Solar Barriers


The City University of New York (CUNY) and its partners this evening unveiled the multi-pronged …

08 Feb

An Interactive Map of Clean Energy Sources

The US Solar Institute

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has just launched a website with an application designed to …

03 Jan

Denver Regional Solar Map Expanded

With the help of a $180,000 federal grant, the Denver RegionalCouncil of Governments has expanded …

13 May

Solar Thermal Consortium Unveils Road Map For New York

Solar Industry

TheSolar Thermal Consortium has introduced a road map designed toestablish New York as a national …

12 May

Solar Map Coming to New York City

In an attempt to create a bird’s-eye view solar map of New York City, City …