21 Oct

Virginia Green Lights Tesla Dealership


Some of the most interesting things that make Tesla Motors different from all other car …

18 Oct

FUTUREWATCH: Ultra-High Resolution, Low Power Displays

Cleantech, Applied

Display devices that require higher resolution are typically greater than 300 pixels-per-inch and call for …

07 Oct

How Green is 3D Printing?


Sometime back everyone thought 3D Printing was a greener option compared to other traditional manufacturing …

01 Oct

Bloomberg Reports Global Solar Surpasses Wind

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that 33.8GW of new onshore wind farms, plus 1.7GW of …

30 Sep

Most Efficient Commercially Available Solar from Semprius


Semprius recently announced that it has achieved a new efficiency record of 35.5 percent using …

25 Sep

In Focus: 3D iNAND from Sandisk

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

With millions of mobile applications downloaded every day globally, smartphones and tablets have become a …

25 Sep

The 100th Anniversary of the Invention of the ‘Assembly Line’

“Innovation can come in a variety of forms, but it’s particularly powerful when technological innovation …

17 Sep

Solar for New Homes: Gonna Be Huge

Cooler Planet

We said it before — specifically, last month — and now we’re saying it again: …

11 Sep

PV Industry Recovery: Is It Happening?

The Solarserver

The global solar photovoltaic (PV) industry has been struggling for almost two years. Massive over-capacity …

09 Sep

Why Solar Panels from China are So Cheap

The Daily Fusion

A study of the photovoltaic industries in the US and China shows that China’s dominance …

06 Sep

Lower Solar Costs = Scale Production


When it comes to lowering the costs of photovoltaics production scale is the key driver, …

04 Sep

Demand from Asia Lifts Global Solar Industry


Demand for solar photovoltaic panels in the Asian Pacific is forecast to double in the …