25 Sep

In Focus: DIY Consumption

The Green Market Oracle

There is a revolution underway that is transforming consumption. If the twentieth century was marked …

06 Sep

The Future of Solar: Infographic

Solar Pros

What’ solar energy advancements will happen in the foreseeable future? Explore the past, present, and …

29 Aug

China Strikes Back Against U.S Energy Subsidies

Green Chip Stocks

The Global Green War had started with the US imposing duties on imports of Chinese …

29 Feb

Renewable Energy Production Up 27% Under Obama


Since President Obama entered office three years ago, renewable energy production in the US has …

26 Oct

Do Solar Panels Produce More Energy Than What Goes Into Making Them?

We’ve been talking a bit about solar manufacturing processes at GetSolar lately, since most (if …

20 Oct

1366 Technologies: Making Solar Cheaper


Massachusetts-based 1366 Technologies announced today that it hasreceived $20 million in funding to begin commercially …

09 Aug

Toyota and Tesla Making Electric Sedan $TM $TSLA

The Green Market Oracle

Toyota, the world’s largest automotive company is teaming up with Tesla Motorsto manufacture a fully …

12 Jul

California Solar Initiative Making Good Progress Thus Far

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) last week issuedits annual assessment of the California Solar …

11 May

Making Money with New Jersey SRECs

Residential Solar 101

In addition to the federalinvestment tax credit, in which 30% of your solar investment can …

05 May

Solar Making Strides to Cost Parity

Cooler Planet

One of the benefits of investing in solar energy technology is that with or without …

23 Apr

Storage: A $200 Billion Cleantech Market in the Making


On the first day of this year, I wrote: “The intermittency problem of wind and solar …

22 Apr

Organic Photovoltaics Making Wearable Solar Possible

Cooler Planet

“Wait, didn’t his shirt just say, what, now its a picture, what theheck?” It’s a …