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Solar: WINNING in Arizona

Solar: WINNING in Arizona

The solar industry has been fighting in the trenches for the past few months as the utility, Arizona Power (APS), used under-handed ways to eliminate net-metering. Despite an unprecedented multi-million-dollar campaign, Arizona regulators rejected the utility’s drive to eliminate net-metering for solar systems in the state. About 1,000 people showed up to protest before last week’s vote. While state regulators did


Major Asia Pacific PV Markets To Grow 85% in 2010

Asia Pacific photovoltaic markets are poised to make a significantcontribution to global photovoltaic (PV) market growth in 2010 following improvements in the policy environment in most of the key countries inthis region. According to the Solarbuzz Asia and Pacific Major PV Markets 2010 report, the key emerging country markets of China, India,South Korea and Australia,

UNI-SOLAR participates in major rooftop PV test site in Denver

UNI-SOLAR, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices isparticipating in one of the country’s largest rooftop testing sites forphotovoltaic (PV) modules. The test site, hosted by ProLogis RenewableEnergy, is on a utility-scale rooftop in Denver, Colorado. UNI-SOLAR is based in Michigan with innovative technology and manufacturingfacilities in Auburn Hills and Greenville. UNI-SOLAR is the onlylarge-scale

New solar technology achieves major milestone

UK: The world’s first utility-scale solar thermal power plant based onLinear Fresnel technology has started construction in Murcia, Spain. The 30MW Puerto Errado 2 plant represents a breakthrough in solar power, as a large-scale low-cost plant, and also as the largest direct steamgenerator. The plant uses proprietary solar field technology developedby Novatec Biosol AG, a


Concentrated Solar Technology Receives Major Backing from U.S. Investors

U.S. investors have invested $129.4 million in a promisingsolar technology that uses plastic lenses to concentrate sunlightonto small but highly efficient solar cells. The so-called multijunction cells, developed by California-based Amonix, generate more electricitythan conventional photovoltaic panels and require fewer costlysemiconducting materials, such as silicon. The company has successfullytested the technology at small solar farms


Polysilicon Industry Facing Major Shakeout

The global solar polysilicon sector will face a major shakeout in 2011, according to a recent research report from Bernreuter Research. Polysilicon, the feedstock for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries, was in short supply until 2009 before the market tipped to oversupply. Withupside potential  for demand in important PV markets in 2010, pressureon silicon prices

Israel, Egypt May Collaborate on Major Solar Energy Project

Israel and Egypt may undertake a joint solar-energy project inEgypt’s Sinai Desert, according to Israel’s Industry and TradeMinister, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer. Speaking at the International Renewable Energy Conferencebeing held this week in the Israeli coastal city of Eilat, Ben-Eliezernoted that the joint effort would yield electricity for both countries.“In our discussions with President Mubarak [of Egypt], he


China Secures Major Foothold in California’s Growing Solar Market

Chinese manufacturers of photovoltaic solar panels have secured anincreasing hold in California, the United States’ largest solar market,doubling their market share in the last year alone,according to a new report. In the last three years, China’s share ofthe market increased from 2 percent to 46 percent, says Bloomberg NewEnergy Finance, a research and consulting firm.


Boom Boom Pow: The U.S. PV Hits Just Keep On Comin’

At the risk of sounding slightly self-congratulatory, it feels niceto be right (at least once in a while). A week after the publication ofGTM Research’s report on U.S. PV manufacturing,which predicted that a major build-out of domestic manufacturingcapacity was gathering momentum (the numbers say that the U.S.’s shareof module manufacturing capacity will grow from 5

Evolution Solar explores China opportunities

Evolution Solar Corp. has sent representatives to China to explorepotential opportunities there and to consider strengthening theCompany’s existing presence in China. As the company hasdeveloped, it has become increasingly clear that China will be a leaderin the development of new solar products (such as thin-film solar) anda major consumer as well. EVSO seeks to convert