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Natcore: Building Prototype Machine for Next-Gen Black Silicon

Natcore: Building Prototype Machine for Next-Gen Black Silicon

Natcore Technology has commissioned a second-generation machine to build its famed black silicon cells. Black silicon has an etched surface that prevents the cell from reflecting light and offers more surface area for light absorption so traditional solar cells can produce more power with a minimal financial investment. The new machine is one of the


GROOVY: Professor Develops Solar Rainbow Machine

Michael Jones McKean, a former resident at the Bemis Center and now a professor at theVirginia Commonwealth University, has created a machine that can createartificial rainbows using natural materials. McKean has been practicingthe feat in parking lots for years and is now preparing for a largerinstallation at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha,Nebraska.


French Students Develop Solar Washing Machine

A team of 2nd-year art students from the École Supérieure d’Artd’Aix-en-Provence in France have developed a DIY washing machine that has been madeusing materials available in the Sahara, which includes bicycle tires,bamboo and a solar panel that is directly connected to a recycledelectric motor. The project has been developed to help more than 2 billion

EVATECH wins $1.7 million PV solar machine contract

A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd, a leading provider ofdistributed power generation systems in China and a fast-growingmanufacturer of wind turbines, announced that its wholly ownedsubsidiary, EVATECH Co. Ltd of Kyoto, Japan, has signed a definitivecontract with a Chinese leading renewable energy company to supply oneset of photovoltaic solar machines. The contract covers thedesign, manufacturing and

Singulus delivers first coating machine for silicon solar cells

Singulus Technologies recently delivered the first inline coatingmachine for anti-reflective coating of silicon solar cells with theproduct name SINGULAR to a European manufacturer of silicon solarcells. In 2008, SINGULUS developed a trend-setting concept fora coating machine for silicon solar cells with the product nameSINGULAR. The machine integration know how, which SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIEShas proven in the

Singulus Technologies Delivers First Solar Cell Coating Machine

Singulus Technologies, based in Kahl am Main, Germany, has deliveredits first Singular machine – an inline coating machine that supplies ananti-reflective coating on silicon solar cells – to a Europe-basedmanufacturer of silicon solar wafers. This product fullyautomates the production of the anti-reflective layer. According to thecompany, the anti-reflective layer provides improved light transmissionand passivation properties,

Xiris Automation Introduces PVCI-1500 Machine Vision Platform

Xiris Automation Inc., a provider of machine vision technology, has released the PVCI-1500 Machine Vision Platform, which is designed for crystalline silicon cell and wafer inspection. Usinga combination of visible and non-visible illumination sources and asingle optical path, dual-camera system, the PVCI-1500 can beconfigured for many common inspection requirements, including crackdetection, edge defect detection, surface