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GE Introduces 1,500-lumens LED Bulb $GE

Making headway into the CFL’s market, the folks at General Electricare coming up with eco-innovations in sustainable LED technology onquite a regular basis now. Where yesterday GE allowed us a peep into hybrid halogen-CFL light bulbs that were reported to reach full luminescence in half a second, today they are flaunting one of their LED

Researchers boost the efficiency of OLEDs with a new cavity design

OrganicLight Emitting Diodes, or simply OLEDs, have started a new revolutionelectronics and displays, as they don’t essentially require a backlightto function, which helps manufacturers develop brighter, moreenergy-efficient and slimmer displays. As great as the technology mightsound to environmentalists, there is always some room for improvement.Researchers over at SRI Internationalhave found a way to boost the