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Solar FIT Live in Los Angeles

When it comes to rolling out solar across the rooftops, Los Angeles is the city to watch. With 100 MW of installed solar capacity to distribute among building owners who can sell back the energy to the grid, the city’s Department of Water and Power is currently implementing the largest solar feed-in tariff program in […] Read more

Los Angeles Says No to Fracking

On Friday, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously for a moratorium on fracking.  Now it goes to the city’s attorney for zoning changes and then back to the city council for a final vote. That followed news from Texas that Exxon’s CEO joined a lawsuit to block fracking equipment near his house, and Denton,  a city in the cross-hairs of fracking - got a referendum on […] Read more

Solar Decathlon Stays in California

The Solar Decathlon, a signature biennial event showcasing the possibilities of solar homes tomorrow with today’s technologies, announced two things today (Feb. 13) its competitors and locations for 2015. The event will stay at Irvine, Calif.’s Orange County Great Park in 2015 and 20 collegiate teams from around the world will compete in the 10 […] Read more

20% Solar: Possible Goal for Los Angeles?

In December, AMECO Solar reported on Environment California’s campaign to convince government officials that solar energy should be a priority for Los Angeles. We’re proud to announce that just one month later their efforts have been recognized by Mayor Eric Garcetti and solar energy will become more abundant in Los Angeles. Mayor Garcetti Makes Solar Announcement […] Read more

Every Streetlight in NYC to go LED

When many people think of New York City, beyond the crowds their image of the city is the lights. Soon, the lit-up skyline will be much whiter because all 250,000 street lights are being switched to LEDs in the biggest retrofit project in the nation. The switch-over is part of PlaNYC, the city’s climate change mitigation plan. PlaNYC requires […] Read more

In Focus: Creating Sustainable Buildings

Over the years, changes in environment have fueled the need to find better ways of sustaining our lifestyle. This statement could be read a couple different ways depending on a person’s thoughts on the subject. Many people would read this as the need to find higher paying jobs in order to support their current needs/wants […] Read more

Los Angeles: The Solar Rooftop Leader

With the flip of a switch, Los Angeles officials today inaugurated the nation’s largest rooftop solar Feed-in Tariff (FiT) program, enabling hundreds of building owners to create solar power plants on their rooftops and sell solar power to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) for distribution on the city’s power grid. All […] Read more

In Focus: Fighting Fracking

“Fighting fracking is unbelievable.” That understatement comes from Sharon Wilson, or TXSharon as she’s become known among the anti-fracking brigade. We got to know her when she decided to go solar through 1BOG, and we’ve been learning from her ever since. Sharon’s commitment to anti-fracking started slowly after fracking began to happen around her in […] Read more

Los Angeles to Go Coal Free

Los Angeles currently gets 39% of its electricity from coal, but that will end soon. In the coming weeks, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced he will sign agreements that will make the city coal-free. The coal comes from two outdated dirty plants, one in Utah, the other in Arizona. He will end the contract in Arizona by 2015 and […] Read more

We’d like to take a moment to introduce the newest member of the AMECO Solar team…our Chevy Volt! The bright and bold design — done by Iconography Studios over in Los Alamitos — highlights the fact that our brand new electric car is powered by solar energy. Each evening, we plug in the electric car […] Read more

Hollywood: So Ready For Solar

Los Angeles is known for its great year round weather – sunny and 73! Taking advantage of its ideal solar climate, LA will soon be known for being a real leader of the booming solar economy. On Feb. 1,  the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power – made famous in the movie Chinatown but probably a bit more mundane of […] Read more

HUGE: Los Angeles Converting All Streetlights to LEDs

In the largest street lighting retrofit ever undertaken by a city,  Los Angeles is in the process of converting its 210,000 street lights to energy efficient LEDs. Although the idea of switching the kind of lighting used may seem boring, street lights are responsible for 40% of cities’ energy bills, according to Pike Research, … and therefore, energy consumption. […] Read more

Feed-In Tariff Approved in Los Angeles

We’re thrilled to see that the LA Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is adopting a Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program. We’d like to congratulate all the folks who, after three years of hard work testifying and developing the research and policy, made this victory possible (looking at you, LABC, Environment California, Sierra Club, Global Green, […] Read more

In Focus: Los Angeles Solar Rebates and Tax Credits

Solar power in Los Angeles makes perfect sense: on average, the city is blessed with over 3,000 hours of sunshine every year. LA also offers solar rebates and other incentives to help encourage homeowners and businesses to invest in solar panels. The program is a little complicated, and LA rolled out revised solar rebates last […] Read more