Pomegranate-Shaped Electrodes Juicing Up Batteries

An electrode designed like a pomegranate — with silicon nanoparticles clustered like seeds in a tough carbon rind — overcomes several remaining obstacles to using silicon for a new generation of lithium-ion batteries, say its inventors at Stanford University and the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Top: Silicon nanoparticles are encased in carbon “yolk […] Read more

‘Green’ is no longer the magic bullet: Deloitte

"Green" is no longer the magic bullet to solve our energy concerns,according to Dr. Joseph A. Stanislaw, an independent senior advisor toDeloitte LLP and founder of the advisory firm The JAStanislaw Group,LLC. Instead, says Stanislaw, a "transition from green to clean" canpower the next phase of development of the world’s energy and economicsectors. Stanislaw makes […] Read more

Creating ‘Utility-Grade’ Solar Panels With Bigger Warranties

When RogerEfird, president of Suntech Power’s North America sales, spoke lastweek at the Edison Electric Institute’s convention in San Francisco, hementioned that solar panel makers are going to start offering longerand different kinds of warranties for certain discerning customers. "We’ll start to see things that will be guaranteed that we’ve neverseen before, such as efficiencies," […] Read more