05 Jun

Logitech’s Updated K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard


The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard has been designed keeping in mind size and aesthetics. Users …

30 May

The Solar iPad Charger from Logitech

2050 Magazine

A little while ago we brought you news that UK solar technology developer G24i had …

09 May

The Solar iPad Case from Logitech


Logitech, the global leader in manufacturing personal computer accessories has finally came up with a …

23 Dec

FUTUREWATCH: Solar Panels Generating Energy from Indoor Light


Dwindling natural resources and the ever-growing demands of the human populace have led us to …

20 Dec

The Logitech Solar Keyboard


Solar Santa’s clacking away on a wireless keyboard that he never needs to get up …

01 Nov

Logitech’s Solar Wireless Keyboard $LOGI


Logitech has unveiled a completely solar-powered keyboard that isbeing billed as the world’s first and …