25 May

In Focus: Vertical Farming


Farming is usually associated with rural landscape. It needs large area to plant crops. With …

30 Mar

Palo Alto Goes 100% Carbon-Neutral


The City of Palo Alto has voted to use only carbon neutral sources of electricity from now on, effective immediately. …

11 Dec

Desert Counties DO Benefit from Utility Projects

BrightSource Energy Blog

As other reporters and bloggers have pointed out, Sunday’s Los Angeles Times ran a one-sided and misinformed article questioning …

10 Sep

Sustainability: Not Just A Game in Pro Sports


Stadiums, arenas, playing fields and other sports venues present a unique management challenge for waste …

31 Aug

Mitt Romney Loves Fossil Fuels

The Green Market Oracle

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s “new” energy plan, relies on 19th century fossil fuel technology. …

23 Jul

Retail Solar Throwdown: IKEA vs. Kohl’s


It’s a bright week for the solar industry when two major retail chains announce their …

21 Jun

In Focus: Sustainable Neighborhoods


What’s more appealing; a community that consists of roads and houses and more roads or …

20 Jun

Solar Investing Goes Mainstream


Thousands of Americans log in to online trading accounts every day to manage personal stock …

18 Jun

The Philadelphia Phillies Go Local for Solar


The Philadelphia Phillies and their mascot the Phanatic have recently renewed their commitment to renewable …

01 Mar

Why Cost-Effective Local Solar will Change Everything

Energy Self Reliant States

With the cost of solar power plunging and retail electric prices rising, 100 million Americans …

08 Feb

Social Networking: Helping the Solar Push

Residential Solar 101

On Monday, I posted an article about residents pushing their local officials to tighten restrictions …

24 Jan

Local Solar Gains Momentum in California and New York


Much of the solar industry’s attention of late has been focused on the loss of …