26 Sep

CNG Buses: Cheaper and Greener

The Daily Fusion

CNG (compressed natural gas), a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline and diesel fuel, emits significantly …

20 Aug

Study: Coal is a BAD Investment

The Green Market Oracle

There was a time when investors made a great deal of money from investing in …

24 Apr

“LNG In A Box” from GE

The Daily Fusion

GE Oil & Gas introduced last week a new small-scale, plug-and-play, re-deployable liquefied natural gas …

26 Sep

Electric Cars vs. Fuel Cell Cars


While some car manufacturers¬†are placing their bets on electric cars, Toyota has decided to continue …

28 Apr

Natural Gas Vehicles: The Next Big Thing?


The controversial practice of shale gas fracking has been given the go-ahead by legislators in …

05 Apr

The Correlation Between LNG Exports and Natural Gas Prices


Natural gas producers are searching for options to increase their revenues as gas prices in …

10 Jan

Prices for A Million BTU by Source


The price differential for a million btu is blowing out once again, between Global oil …