27 Feb

Lightweight Lithium Batteries through Nanotechnology

The Daily Fusion

Zhaolin Liu from the A*STAR Institute of Materials Research and Engineering in Singapore, in collaboration …

23 Jan

Sugar to Power Future Electronic Gadgets?


Some sweet engineers at Virginia Tech have developed a high-energy battery that runs on all …

27 Nov

Berkeley Announces Highest Capacity Lithium-Sulfur Cell

The Daily Fusion

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have created …

02 Mar

A123 Systems, Tata Motors Ink Lithium Battery Deal

Green Stocks Central

Some much needed news this morning for a company that continues to struggle and bleed …

16 Jan

IBM’s Lithium Air Battery $IBM


IBM could be on the verge of achieving a breakthrough in battery technology that could …

22 Aug

In Focus: Lithium Air battery Technology


Lithium-air batteries were proposed for vehicular propulsion in the 1970s because of their potentially high …

15 Oct

Sanyo, Panasonic Introduce Everleds Lithium-ion Solar Street Light


Sanyo and Panasonic recently announced the launch of the Everleds Lithium-ion Solar StreetLight that is …

31 Aug

MIT Research Unveils New Lithium-Ion Battery

Green Chip Stocks

We have long accepted the image of the 21st century that includes iPhones and robots …

10 Sep

AltairNano Looking To Supply Batteries For Hawaii Solar Project (ALTI)

Greentech Media

As part of its push into grid-scale electricity storage, Altair Nanotechnologies is looking to supply …