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Lightweight Lithium Batteries through Nanotechnology

Lightweight Lithium Batteries through Nanotechnology

Zhaolin Liu from the A*STAR Institute of Materials Research and Engineering in Singapore, in collaboration with Aishui Yu and co-workers from Fudan University in China, has developed a carbon nanotube electrode that can alleviate recharging problems in lithium-oxygen batteries, thanks to a support made from three-dimensional nickel foam. Lithium-oxygen batteries are innovative devices that generate power


Sugar to Power Future Electronic Gadgets?

Some sweet engineers at Virginia Tech have developed a high-energy battery that runs on all natural sugar, and it could be sweetly powering your smartphone in three years. Y.H. Percival Zhang, an associate professor of biological systems engineering at Virginia Tech released his findings on sugar batteries this week. Using sugar to power a battery


Berkeley Announces Highest Capacity Lithium-Sulfur Cell

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have created a new lithium-sulfur battery prototype that outperforms other lithium-sulfur cells by more than two times in terms of energy capacity. This battery can last for more than 1,500 cycles of charge-discharge with minimal decay, which is the longest cycle life


A123 Systems, Tata Motors Ink Lithium Battery Deal

Some much needed news this morning for a company that continues to struggle and bleed red ink- A123 Systems (AONE).  Many wonder whether this company ultimately survives and that’s reflected in the stock price which plunged about 80% last year.  This morning the company has announced it will be the lithium battery supplier for Tata


IBM’s Lithium Air Battery $IBM

IBM could be on the verge of achieving a breakthrough in battery technology that could give electric cars a 500 mile range, overcoming the range anxiety barrier to the adoption of electric cars. The air breathing battery has a lithium anode and a carbon matrix cathode. When the battery is delivering power or discharging, the


In Focus: Lithium Air battery Technology

Lithium-air batteries were proposed for vehicular propulsion in the 1970s because of their potentially high specific power and high specific energy. More recently, these batteries have attracted attention for military applications. Lithium provides the highest specific energy, compared to any of the common metals used in metal/air batteries. Furthermore, Li-air batteries are capable of achieving

Sanyo, Panasonic Introduce Everleds Lithium-ion Solar Street Light

Sanyo and Panasonic recently announced the launch of the Everleds Lithium-ion Solar StreetLight that is designed to reduce impact on the environment. Thehigh-tech street light is made by combining solar cells and lithium-ionbatteries. The high efficiency solar cells harness solar energy andstore it in the lithium-ion batteries attached to the back of the panel. Unlike


MIT Research Unveils New Lithium-Ion Battery

We have long accepted the image of the 21st century that includes iPhones and robots and flat screen televisions and electric vehicles… Now, a research group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is creating the latest in new-wave technology: rechargeable fabric batteries. That’s right. Rechargeable batteries are no longer reserved for your cell phone and

AltairNano Looking To Supply Batteries For Hawaii Solar Project (ALTI)

As part of its push into grid-scale electricity storage, Altair Nanotechnologies is looking to supply its lithium-ion batteries to support a 1.4-megawatt solar project on the Hawaiian island of Lanai. That’s according to Joe Heinzmann, senior director of energy storagesolutions for the Reno, Nev.-based battery maker, who was in San Jose,Calif. on Thursday at a