Solar Securitization: The Future

Every four minutes, a new solar photovoltaic system is installed in America. By 2016, new installations are expected to occur every 90 seconds. Two thirds of the solar capacity in the U.S. has been installed in the past 2.5 years and in the next 2.5 years the capacity is expected to double. Solar stocks have […] Read more

The Philippines Passes Renewable Energy FiT

In a historic day for renewable energy in The Philippines, the country approved a feed-in tariff (FiT) that convers small hydro, biomass, wind, and solar. It postponed including ocean energy for further study. The government previously announced the FiT for geothermal separately, in what it calls a “geothermal crash program.” It raised the rates to provide incentives to […] Read more

MIT Battery Startup Likes Liquidity

Liquid Metal Battery Corporation (LMBC) is a Boston-area startup pursuing an liquid metal battery technology. According to this Greentech Media piece, Don Sadoway of MIT is the inventor of LMBC’s core technology. Sadoway is a named co-inventor on two related patent applications, U.S. Application Publication Nos. 2011/0014503 (’503 Application) and 2011/0014505 (’505 Application) describing and claiming batteries having liquid […] Read more