26 Jan

Sol, Inc. Donates Solar Lights to Haiti

Energy Boom

Millions of dollars of relief may never reach Haitians in timeunless roadways, relief camps, hospitals …

29 Oct

Solar Christmas Lights and Party Lights Strings

The Solar Ninja

Ideal for use as a solar powered festive lights decoration atChristmas time or use all …

22 Oct

Practical Solar Powered Lights


We’veseen solar panels being stuffed into all kinds of gadgets includingcellphones and MP3 players. Here …

15 Oct

Ontario lights 7000 Solar Homes

Boots On The Roof

Ottawa, Ontario is the Canadian version of Washington DC.  Thecapital city.  A vibrant society full of national …

07 Oct

Kurilpa Bridge Lights Up With Solar


The design for the Kurilpa Bridge is a world-first and a new landmarkfor the State …

01 Oct

Venture Capital Lights Up Solar in Q3

Greentech Media

We reported earlier this week on the resurgence of venture capitalinvestment in greentech.  We broke …

09 Sep

Cheap and Easy Ways to Use Solar Energy

Solar Sphere

Cheap and Easy Ways to Use Solar EnergyWith escalating powerbills and so much talk of …

07 Aug

LED Lantern Solar Light generates solar electricity to illuminate streets


Designers over at Vinaccia Integral Design earlier thrilled us with their Solar Modules, which could …