Solar + LED Lighting

Solar power and LED lighting are the perfect combination, kinda like milk and cookies. They work well with each other while complimenting their best attributes. Why do they work so well together? Well here’s a few reasons. LED Lights Run on DC Power The old standard of using CFL or other types of lamps in […] Read more

LED Lighting: Not if, but When?

The incandecsent bulb’s days are numbered. We are going to witness the entire multi-billion dollar lighting industry flip to a new technology — spurred on by technology innovations, improved pricing and in no small part, legislation. LEDs and CFLs are going to succeed the Edison bulb with a resulting set of new market victors — […] Read more

A Solar Holiday Season

A light bulb turned on over Jerry Phlippeau’s head a few years back when he decided to make solar-powered outdoor lights. He originally pictured rope lights that homeowners could wrap around fences or mail boxes in places that were harder to reach with extension cords. It was just white rope lights to start, and then […] Read more

Project C.U.R.E: Distributing Solar Lights to Impoverished Nations

When children in impoverished nations open up their Project C.U.R.E.Kits for Kids, they usually get first-aid kits filled with basic medical supplies and maybe some candy. Now, thanks to the Buy One, Give Oneprogram at Nokero, makers of the world’s only solar-powered light bulb,they’ll also be getting solar light bulbs. Project C.U.R.E. is a nonprofit […] Read more

Where Solar Concentrators and Energy Efficient Lights Meet

Concentrating PV and solar lighting are two industries with compelling ideas and, to date, relatively anemic sales. Combining ideas from both fields might be the answer. Canada’s SunCentral is in the midst of testing a solar lighting system that it says can reduce lighting and cooling loads in buildings while making offices more pleasant places […] Read more

Solar Lights for Dubai’s Sky

Lights and Wings Choreographies in the Sky is a sustainable art form visualized for Site #1 in Dubai, adjacent to Ras Al Khor WildlifeSanctuary by Carlos Campos Yamila Zynda Aiub Architects. The designenvisions hundreds of light spheres in the Dubai sky that fly ingeometrical position using clean energy systems. These installations orthe wings use the […] Read more

Invisible PV Windows Will Soon Power Your Lights

Building-integrated photovoltaics (PVs) are undergoing arevolution, from thin, visible PV wafers suspended in window panes tofully integrated into the windows themselves. Thanks to nanotechnology and advances in photovoltaic materials, some PV cells are now thinnerthan a strand of hair, and no bigger than a quarter of a grain of rice.And by replacing metals with certain […] Read more

A Hybrid Mobile Solar Power System for Hollywood Lights

Major events in the Pacific Northwest are experiencing the HybridMobile Solar Power System(TM) through our friends at Hollywood Lights (  Their first solar event of the summer, Sasquatch, was held in thebeautiful Gorge area east of Seattle. The Hybrid was part of the HondaHybrid Solar Stage. We’ll cover that event in moredetail in a later […] Read more

IBM Files Patent Application for Smart Traffic Lights

 IBM has filed a patent application for a unique traffic light signal that will be able toautomatically stop and start engines of vehicles. The technology hasbeen aimed to increase fuel efficiency of cars at busy intersections.The system will be able to receive position information from vehicleswaiting at red lights to determine a queue of vehicles […] Read more

Solar Lights in Haiti: Update

In a press release today, solar-powered light manufacturer Sol, Inc.announced that the first phase of its Haiti relief effort has beencompleted. The company has already shipped approximately one third ofits first 130 solar light systems and is looking for air or seashipping partners to assist with the rest. While the bulk of thecompany’s $300,000 effort […] Read more

Sol, Inc. Donates Solar Lights to Haiti

Millions of dollars of relief may never reach Haitians in timeunless roadways, relief camps, hospitals and distribution areas canoperate past dark. Sol, Inc. is helping to solve the problem by donating some of its solar power street lights to the earthquake-stricken island. The total donation is expected to exceed $400,000 USD withassistance from suppliers, donations […] Read more

Solar Christmas Lights and Party Lights Strings

Ideal for use as a solar powered festive lights decoration atChristmas time or use all year round to decorate trees, shrubs, gardendecor, etc. Perfect for areas where electricity is unavailable ordifficult to run wiring. These solar string lights are perfectly safe,simple to install and great for use almost anywhere. The compactcontroller box comes complete with […] Read more

Practical Solar Powered Lights

We’veseen solar panels being stuffed into all kinds of gadgets includingcellphones and MP3 players. Here is a more practical use of solarenergy by designers Cheng-Tsung Feng, Yao-Chieh Lin and Bo-Jin Wang,who have integrated solar panels and the goodness of technology in aconcept traffic light. TheSolar Traffic Light, as the product has been entitled, includesDiscolor LED […] Read more

Ontario lights 7000 Solar Homes

Ottawa, Ontario is the Canadian version of Washington DC.  Thecapital city.  A vibrant society full of national leaders who wake upin the morning and hope to make a difference, to better the lives oftheir constituents.  The Deputy Premire of Ontario and Minister of Energy, the HonorableGeorge Smitherman, along with Tristan Grimbert, Pres & EO of EDF ENCanada, […] Read more