13 Feb

BMW’s Laser Light Technology


When talking about lasers, most people would only think of scenes from their favorite sci-fi …

31 Jan

San Diego Street Lights Now Online

The Daily Fusion

San Diego will soon become the first U.S. city to link its street lights to …

24 Oct

LED Lighting and Commercial Buildings


For me, the best way to convey the benefits of LED lighting is with numbers. …

24 Apr

In Focus: GaN-on-Si LEDs

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Plessey Semiconductors has announced earlier this month that samples of its LED products using gallium …

13 Mar

150K Solar Street Lights Planned in Mecca

No More Naked Roofs

The scale of this solar street lighting project in the Saudi Arabian holy city of …

19 Feb

Why Solar Lighting is the Future


Solar energy has been harnessed by humans for thousands of years. From the earliest times, …

01 Feb

In Focus: The LED Revolution


Initially just an innovative way to provide the lights on indicator lamps and remote controls, …

24 Jan

SWITCH LED Lights Gain U.S Popularity

Energy Refuge

SWITCH Lighting, a maker of Light Emitting Diodes lights to replace incandescent light bulbs, is …

03 Dec

Next Generation LED Wafers

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

A recent article published at this site discussed the prospectus for lowering the cost of LED lighting by the …

05 Jul

In Focus: Solar Power Street Light Design


Ever wonder how solar powered street light projects are designed? Here is a step by …

23 May

Urban Oasis: Street Signs That Charge Our Gadgets


All of us are very fond of spending some time outdoors, whether it is a …

10 May

100K Solar LED Bulbs Light Up Tokyo


LED lighting installations are probably one of the most universally loved and accepted green technology. …