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Australian researchers develop world’s most efficient solar cell

Solarenergy is one stream of technology which sees new records quiteregularly. The enormous potential of the technology has kept researcherbusy in developing next-gen solar cells which convert a good enoughamount of incident light into electricity. The latest news has comefrom the University of South Walesin Sydney, Australia where researchers have succeeded in developingsolar cells that

Researchers boost the efficiency of OLEDs with a new cavity design

OrganicLight Emitting Diodes, or simply OLEDs, have started a new revolutionelectronics and displays, as they don’t essentially require a backlightto function, which helps manufacturers develop brighter, moreenergy-efficient and slimmer displays. As great as the technology mightsound to environmentalists, there is always some room for improvement.Researchers over at SRI Internationalhave found a way to boost the


Nixon’s solar watch harnesses light in any form

Nixonhas launched a new range of ecofriendly watches, dubbed Volta, thatharness the light to charge its built-in battery. The watch features asemi-transparent dial that allows sunlight to pass through and hit thesolar panels underneath. We’resure that the semi-transparent dial would mean that the watch wouldtake hours or even days of sunlight to reach a full


Schüco ezFlatroof-Light

Schüco USA at Intersolar this week showed off their SchücoezFlatroof-Light which they claim to be one of the leanest rackingsystems for quick and simple installations. The racking solution can beused with framed or frameless crystalline and thin film solar panels.The racking solution can be tilted in angles of 7.5, 15 and 20 degreesor any pitch


Using nature’s efficiency for nano-scale solar energy generating forests

Weall know that nature is the best architect and designer of all andresearchers have always tried to replicate the most simplest of naturalphenomenon for endless renewable energy. Researchers at the Leiden University have tried to imitate the process of photosynthesis to harvest sunlight even in the worst places. Theresearchers state that the best light-capturers in

New light sensor will improve solar cells and digital cameras

Photonsare used in solar cells to generate electric current and almost thesame technology is used inside in digital camera where photos definethe quality of the image being shot. Scientists at the University of Torontohave developed a new light sensor that takes advantage of thephenomenon of multi-exciton generation (MEG) for more efficient solarcells and better digital

New Energy’s see-thru SolarWindow cells surpass thin-film and solar in artificial light

New Energy Technologies Inc., a next-generation alternative andrenewable energy developer, announced that new tests of the company’sultra-small solar cells for use in its transparent SolarWindow havedemonstrated substantially superior performance over current thin-filmand solar photovoltaic technologies at generating electricity fromartificial light -– an important advantage over conventional solartechnologies which are limited by their capacity to function

Solar-powered stepping stones

TheSolar Powered Lighted Stepping Stone provides an elegant, inimitableand reasonable way to light up and revamp your garden or walkway. Thesestepping stones have a built-in solar panel that collects and convertssunlight into DC power and the built-in nickel-cadmium batteries storethe energy to illuminate at night. These solar-powered lighted stepping stones have a built-in photo sensor

Light Spot – Solar power for shimmering LEDs

LEDsare seen as a potential solution for energy savings. If researchers arelooking to develop more efficient LEDs, then on the other hand,designers are preparing designs for LED lighting systems. An example ofthis blending can be given to “Light Spot” designed by German designerFelix Stark. Thesystem is a sort of sticker that is totally made up


Eye catchy solar-powered lights for outdoors

Amongall uses of solar energy, the technology best suits lighting systemsdeveloped for outdoor use. Since they’re only used after sunset, theydo get ample time to recharge themselves during the day. Gone are thedays when solar-powered streetlights were simple lamps with a largesolar panel on top. Zara Luce and VP Solar are refining old designs with