13 Nov

‘Solasis Light Tower’ uses Solar Energy to generate power


Parking lots have been a very good answer to organized space managementall these years. But …

19 Oct

Sharing The Solar Light

Cleantech, Applied

Electricityis a luxury in rural Bangladesh. More than 80% of the country’s ruralpopulation is off …

17 Oct

Australia Dims the Light on Solar Schools Program

In another example of the “victim-of-its-own-success” phenomenonrecently plaguing solar, as of October 15 the Australian …

05 Oct

SunEdison, SkyPower Activate First Light Solar Park

Solar Industry

Joint venture partners SunEdison Canada and SkyPower Corp. have activated First Light, a 9.1 MW …

01 Oct

LG GD510 touchscreen with solar panel is light on features and light for the wallet


Popout LG’s consumer research showed that a large group of consumers wantedthe functionality of a …

14 Sep

Sun-free solar power surpasses conventional solar output


Installing rooftop solar panels to make a single homego off-grid is easy. However, using the …

25 Aug

Australian researchers develop world’s most efficient solar cell


Solarenergy is one stream of technology which sees new records quiteregularly. The enormous potential of …

08 Aug

Researchers boost the efficiency of OLEDs with a new cavity design


OrganicLight Emitting Diodes, or simply OLEDs, have started a new revolutionelectronics and displays, as they …

31 Jul

Nixon’s solar watch harnesses light in any form


Nixonhas launched a new range of ecofriendly watches, dubbed Volta, thatharness the light to charge …

19 Jul

Schüco ezFlatroof-Light

Go Green Solar

Schüco USA at Intersolar this week showed off their SchücoezFlatroof-Light which they claim to be …

03 Jul

Using nature’s efficiency for nano-scale solar energy generating forests


Weall know that nature is the best architect and designer of all andresearchers have always …

01 Jul

New light sensor will improve solar cells and digital cameras


Photonsare used in solar cells to generate electric current and almost thesame technology is used …