11 Oct

Ray of Light Mosque designed to maximize energy-efficiency


The world is quite aware of the extent to which the Islamiccommunity advocates the need …

13 Aug

CSP Projects Get The Green Light in U.S

Greentech Media

In the U.S., over 30 concentrating solar power (CSP) projects with a combined capacity of …

03 Aug

Stanford Researchers Testing Panels that use Heat and Light to Generate Energy


Until now excessive heat has been a limiting factor for solar panelefficiency, which decreases as …

08 Jul

‘Car of Light’ Utilizes Solar, Electric


Inspired by the effects of light on human senses and the shape ofobjects, vehicle designer …

15 Jun

GOES-15 solar x-ray imager makes miraculous first light

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

The Solar X-Ray Imager instrument aboard the GOES-15 satellite has justprovided its first light image …

14 Jun

Solar Powered Street Light by Joona


Even after being well aware of the fact that breaking traffic rulescould cost someone his …

11 Jun

SolarLight Uses Wind Power to Light Up


The SolarLight concept light bulb by industrial designer Eon TaeYoon has been designed to offer …

09 Jun

The Solar Blue Vs Green Light


The Blue Vs Green Light is a solar-powered decorative lightenvisioned by Australian designer Christopher James. …

09 Apr

Albiasa Teams With Pacific Light and Power On 10 MW CSP Plant

Solar Industry

Albiasa Corp., a developer and supplier of solar thermal technology, hasreceived a letter of intent …

06 Apr

LA Business Council report sheds light on cost-effective approach to solar energy generation

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

The Los Angeles Business Council (LABC) and the UCLA Luskin Center forInnovation, as part of …

02 Mar

Omar Huerta’s Hydroponic Solar Light Tree


The Light Tree by industrial designer Omar Huertamixes hydroponic techniques with the best and the …

07 Dec

First Space-based Solar Project Gets California’s Green Light


California’sstate legislators have finally given a green light to thefirst-of-its-kind space-based solar project. California’s biggestenergy …