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GOES-15 solar x-ray imager makes miraculous first light

The Solar X-Ray Imager instrument aboard the GOES-15 satellite has justprovided its first light image of the sun, but it required a lot ofexperts to make it happen. Scientists and engineers from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have beenworking to bring the Solar X-Ray Imager (SXI) instrument to fullfunctionality since the


Solar Powered Street Light by Joona

Even after being well aware of the fact that breaking traffic rulescould cost someone his life, many of us jump them. Irrespective of whoout of the drivers and the pedestrians does this dreadful act,eventually the end result is a lot of traffic chaos. To offer aninnovative solution to the traffic accident problem, Joona has proposed


SolarLight Uses Wind Power to Light Up

The SolarLight concept light bulb by industrial designer Eon TaeYoon has been designed to offer safe off-grid lighting to people livingin rural parts of the world. Unlike its name, the concept has beendesigned to harvest wind power with acrylic blades. The blades catch the wind and a small generator converts the energy into usable electricity,

The Solar Blue Vs Green Light

The Blue Vs Green Light is a solar-powered decorative lightenvisioned by Australian designer Christopher James. The light is madeup of a central tube, two end caps and a decorative outer shell. Thecaps at each end are equipped with a solar panel which recharges twodifferent AA batteries and an LED light. One side of the light

LA Business Council report sheds light on cost-effective approach to solar energy generation

The Los Angeles Business Council (LABC) and the UCLA Luskin Center forInnovation, as part of a working group of local businesses andpublic-sector institutions, have issued a comprehensive study examiningthe potential for solar Feed-in Tariff (FiT) programs in Los AngelesCounty. A FiT program would allow businesses and residents toinstall solar panels on their roofs and parking


Omar Huerta’s Hydroponic Solar Light Tree

The Light Tree by industrial designer Omar Huertamixes hydroponic techniques with the best and the latest in solartechnology to provide a unique lighting system that also grows plantsand is powered entirely by renewable energy. Thetree-shaped system uses water to conduct light that is generated byseveral LEDs located in its base. At the same time, water

First Space-based Solar Project Gets California’s Green Light

California’sstate legislators have finally given a green light to thefirst-of-its-kind space-based solar project. California’s biggestenergy utility PG&E has announced that they would purchase 200MW ofsolar power that will be beamed from space by 2016. Theexperimental solar plant will make use of orbiting satellites equippedwith solar cells that transform the sun’s energy into electricity.Electricity generated by

Sharing The Solar Light

Electricityis a luxury in rural Bangladesh. More than 80% of the country’s ruralpopulation is off the grid, and light — from hazardous kerosenelanterns — is a precious and expensive resource. During the rainy season — which seems to get longer each year —local farmers struggle to keep farms intact as melting glaciers in theHimalayas and

Australia Dims the Light on Solar Schools Program

In another example of the “victim-of-its-own-success” phenomenonrecently plaguing solar, as of October 15 the Australian government abruptly suspended its wildly popular AUD $480 million (US $441 million) National Solar Schools Program, an initiative which offered grants of up to $50,000 to each eligible school that was installing a solar system. Over a year after unveiling

SunEdison, SkyPower Activate First Light Solar Park

Joint venture partners SunEdison Canada and SkyPower Corp. have activated First Light, a 9.1 MW PV project. According to the companies, this solar park is Canada’s first ground-mounted photovoltaic system. Theproject is located in Stone Mills, Ontario, and covers 90 acres ofland. SunEdison and SkyPower expect First Light to generate more than10 million kWhs. Source

LG GD510 touchscreen with solar panel is light on features and light for the wallet

Popout LG’s consumer research showed that a large group of consumers wantedthe functionality of a full touchscreen phone without the extra bulkand unnecessary features that resulted in higher prices. According tothe research, many users were also put off by the complexity offeature-laden phones but still desired the easier navigation and largerscreens of full touchscreen phones.

Sun-free solar power surpasses conventional solar output

Installing rooftop solar panels to make a single homego off-grid is easy. However, using the same technique in skyscrapersisn’t feasible because the roof area available for PV panels isn’t muchto power the entire building underneath. New Energy Technologieshas come up with a solution – allow solar panels to harvest artificiallight which is in abundance in