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The Mango Solar Street Lamp Concept

The Mango Solar Street Lamp Concept

Mango is an eco friendly street light concept for India from a Hungarian designer, Adam Mikloski. Designed in the shape of a mango leaf, the LED powered street lamp concept can gather both rainwater and sunlight for recycling power. In India, monsoons bring huge downpours and summers are marked with bright sunlight. Therefore, this unique


FUTUREWATCH: Solar Panels Generating Energy from Indoor Light

Dwindling natural resources and the ever-growing demands of the human populace have led us to seek out alternative means of living. The good news is that nature’s sources can give us an endless supply of raw materials. The world’s dependence on conventional resources like fossil fuels has led to a slump in supply as it


Solar3D: Grabbing More Light

Most photovoltaics are made by depositing semiconducting materials on a sheet. The photovoltaic elements on the surface absorb most of the photons there. Solar3D is taking that idea and setting it on its head by attempting to etch a three-dimensional photovoltaic surface into silicon where light collected on the module surface is directed into a

Fujitsu Develops Generator to Produce Power from Light, Heat

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd has developed a power-generating hybrid generator that can convert both light and heat into usable electricity. Made from organic materials,the device was announced at the 2010 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco. Developed for use in energy harvesting, the device works in aphotovoltaic mode when the lighting conditions are good

Sanyo, Panasonic Introduce Everleds Lithium-ion Solar Street Light

Sanyo and Panasonic recently announced the launch of the Everleds Lithium-ion Solar StreetLight that is designed to reduce impact on the environment. Thehigh-tech street light is made by combining solar cells and lithium-ionbatteries. The high efficiency solar cells harness solar energy andstore it in the lithium-ion batteries attached to the back of the panel. Unlike

Ray of Light Mosque designed to maximize energy-efficiency

The world is quite aware of the extent to which the Islamiccommunity advocates the need for a certain degree of separation betweenmen and women, and respecting that Barcelona-based ZEST Architecture has proposed a design of a mosque that allows equal access to theprayer room for both the sexes. Dubbed the “Ray of Light,” this entryfor


CSP Projects Get The Green Light in U.S

In the U.S., over 30 concentrating solar power (CSP) projects with a combined capacity of 8.8 GW are on the drawing boardand each has signed a power purchase agreement. But only one of them –the Martin Next Generation project developed by NextEra in Florida — is actually under construction.  (Note that these numbers are just


Stanford Researchers Testing Panels that use Heat and Light to Generate Energy

Until now excessive heat has been a limiting factor for solar panelefficiency, which decreases as the incident heat increases. Researchersat Stanford University have come up with a plan that will make it possible for solar panels to generate electricity from both sunlight and heat. The process, called“Photon Enhanced Thermionic Emission,” or PETE, combines light and